Power Outage Comes With Memes and Theories From Mission Majnu

Did Majnu, Sidharth Malhotra, get lost on the route to the nuclear plant and accidentally interrupt the power plant in Pakistan?

Even though there may not be any light at home, Pakistanis’ minds have been lit up as they make the connection between the ongoing power outage and the newly released Indian spy thriller Mission Majnu. The goal of Sidharth Malhotra’s covert operation was to look into the nuclear plant that Pakistan was constructing. There is a severe electricity outage for three days following the movie’s debut. Coincidence? Maybe Amandeep Singh chose the wrong plant to attack? Twitter users in Pakistan have their own opinions.

In a televised presentation on Tuesday, Energy Minister Khurram Dastgir discussed the inquiry into the breakdown and claimed the government suspected “foreign meddling, such as infiltration of networks.” Even though he noted that the likelihood of it is remote, netizens continued to use their beliefs and declare that Mission Majnu was a success.

They were in need of solutions to this “mystery,” and they now had them. faked a screenshot in order to raise the most doubts? Check.



The marketing staff for the movie would have demonstrated genuine commitment.

On a more sobering note, here is what actually transpired last night after the electricity was restored.

An illustration, simply because why not?

But the happiness didn’t last long.

And for those who were planning on charging their phones.

And yes, of course, how can we forget our life-saving generators, which gave up as well?

We can all relate to Chandler now.

We don’t have any water or electricity, but we sure have quite a lot of memes. Hold on to hope and mission majnu!

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