PTM Chief Manzoor Pashteen Gets Arrested

Police arrested Pashtoon Tahaffuz Movement's Chief, Manzoor Pashteen, from Shaheen Town on Monday.

Pashtoon Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) calls out for the protection of Pashtoons in KP and Baluchistan. Established back in May ’14, the movement has been controversial since then. The movement gained its hype after Naqeebullah Mehsud’s killing by Rao Anwar. Following it, in 2019, Tahir Dawar, a Police Officer and Poet was killed by Police in Islamabad. Baluchistan Police later killed Arman Loni, who was one of PTM’s Leaders. His death left all the Pashtoons in fury. They all came out to protest. But those protests led to arrests of several PTM activists, instead. PTM insists that their movement is all peaceful and unarmed, whereas the Army and Journalists say that they are creating anti-state agendas in the movement.

Nevertheless, PTM’s leader, Mazoor Pashtoon has now been arrested from Peshawar today. There were nine more people arrested with him. The Police said that an FIR had been launched against him in DI Khan. And it was launched against Manzoor on something he apparently did back in Jan 18. According to the FIR, he had told in a gathering that 1973 constitution violated the basic human rights. MNA and PTM Leader, Moshin Dawar, took this issue to twitter.

He moreover added saying “We will devise a strategy after consultations. We are up against those who are most troubled by demands for constitutional rights, and we will continue doing that”.

It is yet unsure when will the young champ be released. However, protests are taking place all around KP and Baluchistan for Manzoor’s release. The protests are being held by PTM activists, obviously. Lets see what happens in the coming future, if one can’t even stand for his/her rights.

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