Public Places Rely on Cheap Disinfectant Gates

Many public places have had these disinfectant gates or walk-through tunnels as a way of eliminating COVID-19 but do they really work?

The virus outbreak has been the only thing being talked about in the last few weeks. The number of reported cases also keeps increasing in Pakistan. However, there’s a large number of people who happen to believe that social distancing does not apply while praying. According to them, congregational prayers should not be stopped. Hence, they also believe in disinfectant gates.

These disinfectant gates provide a false sense of security to people and misleading them to believe that they are safe. If a virus is already in your body then you can’t get rid of it by passing through these tunnels. This is why it is so important to understand how this works. You pass through a walk-through gate thinking you are safe but you aren’t in reality.

The one who carries the virus may pass through the gate but it won’t kill it. That person can then infect others too because it travels through bodily fluids. So if that person carrying the virus, passes through the gate and then coughs afterward, then he can infect others around him. These gates can only kill viruses present on surfaces, not present inside one’s body.

The incubation period for COVID-19 is two weeks approximately. In these two weeks, they may be infecting others too as the symptoms do not show in initial stages. Doctors have mentioned that these disinfectant gates do not work. However, they are still being installed in many places, including mosques. This will only lead people to gather at public places without hesitation and following precautions mentioned by WHO.

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