Quetta’s Helping Hand Suleman Khan

Due to heavy snowfall in Quetta, there have been issues with people commuting there. But one hero, took care of all those passing by. He is Quetta's Suleman Khan.

Pakistan is not much liked by people all around the world. Due to all the security lapses, the county is not seen with a good vibe. Whilst all this might be true, the people of Pakistan are a true gem. They are people of good heart and even good intentions usually. Even more hospitality prevails in those, who reside in northern areas. They go through a hard time during changing weathers, but are obviously used to it. The visitors in these areas have to confront the odds on their own. However, the locals are always there to help them out. And one such local, Suleman Khan, became a hero for all the Pakistanis.

With many being stuck on the roads of Quetta amidst the snowfall, people were left stranded. However, Suleman brought in his jeep and moved people from one place to another. He also opened up his house for people, who wanted to eat, drink or sleep. Suleman also helped to move small vehicles in the snow by towing them on his Land Cruiser. All that he did, he did on his own. There were no governmental authorities involved with him. And all that he did was obviously, free of cost.

Suleman Khan told Geo.“I did everything for the will of God. Saw that people who were stuck by the avalanche and had I not helped them, they probably wouldn’t have returned alive. I had been trying to help them since 2pm, however officials arrived around 12am”. For him, the priority was women, kids and elderly, who couldn’t withstand the cold weather.

This man needs to words of appreciation, because what he did is speechless. We need more Suleman Khan in our country, for sure. Kudos.

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