Ready, Set, Sail: Ferry Service in Pakistan!

With airfare services becoming too much of a hassle, it's fair to provide the people with an efficient alternative: welcome the ferry service in Pakistan!

All our sea travel dreams may finally be coming true! Don’t you sometimes wonder that it would be nice to do something different once in a while? We’re always traveling by air or by road, doesn’t it get a little boring? The idea of traveling by sea is exciting! Get ready for newer routes through the ferry service in Pakistan.

Although it is understandable that longer distances by sea may not be the best option, since it does get difficult to stay out on the water for so long, but a ferry trip over a comparatively shorter distance is harmless. Especially with the increase in traffic over airline flights, an alternative route through sea would be an easy way out for both the passengers and the management.

Recently, Ali Zaidi, Minister of Maritime Affairs announced that Pakistan’s Maritime Frontiers are now open for sea travel. On 8th September, the Ministry proposed beginning a ferry service in Pakistan which would connect Karachi’s port; Port Qasim with Gwadar’s Port and then to Bandar Abbas (Iran), Basra (Iraq), Muscat (Oman), and Dubai (UAE) separately or collectively.

Ali Zaidi ensures that there will be no difference in security, lodging, or checking on these ferries. He says the experience should mimic that of an airline, the ports will be established accordingly while keeping this in mind.

Furthermore, apart from regular travels, The Minister hoped that the introduction of this ferry service in Pakistan would prove as an alternative and cheaper way for pilgrims who are traveling to their pilgrimage destinations. The ferry services are said to be available to the “Zaireen” (pilgrims) and for Hajj as well.

While the private sector is welcomed to operate, Zaidi hopes that this particular ferry service in Pakistan becomes an economical way to travel for people to travel for Hajj, Umrah, and other pilgrimages to the middle eastern states.

The ferry service in Pakistan is surely a blessing for many of us out there, with airfare increasing every other day and especially due to peak factors, an alternative method would be a lifesaver for many and may also provide the opportunity to certain people who would not have traveled otherwise due to it being too expensive.

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