Imran Khan Announces Punishment for Sexual Assault.

With #ThankYouPrimeMinister trending, Imran Khan has recently amended and announced that the punishment for sexual assault offenders has been updated.

The past few weeks have been increasingly devastating for Pakistan, with a new sexual assault case emerging almost every other day- it had left the people feeling numb.

One can only imagine the feeling of unsettlement the people of Pakistan were going through, knowing that you are living amongst such barbaric criminals with no remorse is traumatic. What was worse is that there was no proper implementation of the punishments for sexual assault.

In light of the recent Motorway Incident, it resulted in a huge public outcry with the civilians taking to the streets and protesting for justice. The protests received a lot of attention and participation, it was quite successful in uniting the public of Pakistan, their main plea was to hang rapists.

While during the first few days there was widespread disapproval by the public on the government remaining silent, and not taking any actions to meet the people’s pleas. However, Imran Khan recently announced an amendment in the punishment for sexual assault offenders.

Pakistan Prime Minister has announced and agreed to the public hanging and chemical castration of such criminals. Imran Khan, further said in an interview, “The way there is first degree, second degree, third-degree murder, rape should be graded in the same way, and when there is first degree [rape], castrate them. Operate on them and make them unable to do this.”

Finally, some sensible news in what seems like ages, this was taken tremendously well within the public and they were quick to show their satisfaction through tweeting praises towards this decision or posting on social media to express their satisfaction.

These new laws seem extremely promising, and it is a step closer to an attempt of righting our wrongs. Sexual assault should never be taken lightly or dismissed, the punishments announced are completely just and well deserved.

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