Oman’s 9-Year-Old Saviour: Al Mutassim Al Shaksi

The world is singing praises of Al Mutassim Al Shaksi for saving the lives of his three younger siblings and handicapped mother after their house engulfed in fire.

9-year-old, Al Mutassim Al Shaksi is being praised for his valour when he saved his mother’s and sibling’ lives after their house in Bahla, Governorate of Dakhliyah caught fire.

In a conversation with Muscat Daily, the 9-year-old recalled events of the horrifying moments- “I was with my baby brother watching TV on Sunday morning, while my other brothers were outside. My mother was in the kitchen.” At this moment he saw the fire and found his mother lying, unconscious, on the kitchen floor due to smoke inhalation when he rushed to her.

At this moment, things took a dramatic turn as Al Mutassim Al Shaksi rushed outside the house carrying his 14-month-old brother and two younger sisters, aged 4 and 6. After rushing them to a safe spot, he went in two save his mother. “I got her out of the house by pulling her legs. Yes, they were heavy, but the fear of something happening to her made me do It.”, the heroic 9-year-old recalled.

After carrying his handicapped mother to a safe zone, Al Mutassim Al Shaksi hurried to his neighbours who contacted the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances (PACDA), who came within a few minutes and extinguished the fire.

According to his father, Ahmed Saleh al Shaqsi, the fire was caused by a short circuit in an electric charger. When asked about how he knew what to do in the catastrophic moment, the 9-year-old said, “My father taught me that in case of a fire, take the little ones out and go in the opposite direction of the source of the fire.”

His presence of mind and quick actions saved the lives of his family members because of which he has received an award from the PACDA. Moreover, The Brigadier General of the association praised his bravery and stressed the need for community awareness in avoiding such accidents.

Al Mutassim Al Shaksi is getting praises from all over the world for his fearlessness and valiant behaviour. His father is no less worthy of all the praises as his upbringing is highly commendable. Although the PACDA stresses the importance of installation and maintenance of smoke detectors, these guidelines are sporadically followed due to no legal enforcement.

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