Review: The Lion King Movie 2019

Exclusive Review of The Lion King

Last night i attended the premier of The Lion King in the newly opened cinema Arena in Bahria Town tower, Tariq Road, Karachi.

The cinema has a good interior but the screen was a bit blurry and it felt as if it was cropped from above and below. The management was a little bit slow but overall the experience was good with comfortable seats and an incredible sound system.

Now lets come to how the movie was. The opening made me wonder if it was CGI or not because of how realistic the animals looked. The first glimpse of Mufasa looking over his kingdom looked magnificent forcing me to look closely if it was an actual lion.

It brought the 1994 animated beautifully back to life. The story is based on a lion Simba, the son of the king who is ambitious of ruling one day and proving himself. But his uncle, scar in attempt to overthrow the king and take control of the throne kills Mufasa leading him on a journey to find his purpose.

The life like characters do show a lack of emotion because it can only be seen through their eyes rarely reflecting in facial expressions.

The good thing was that we’re able to see characters separate from the actors that play them. Though James Earl Jones, who lends his voice to Mufasa once again, is as commanding and powerful as in the original film.

A touch of humor was added clearly designed to make the audience laugh and the lyrical and instrumental music stayed true to the original.

All in all, it was a good watch but originals never have a match.

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