Reward for Coronavirus Vaccine by Sindh Govt

Minister of Information, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, has announced a reward by Sindh Govt for anyone who develops a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

Minister for Information Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has announced a reward for vaccination by Sindh Govt. Whoever develops a vaccine for the coronavirus will be rewarded, whether it’s a university student or researcher, provided that the vaccine has to cure the illness completely.

Minister for Information, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Sindh Govt
Minister for Information, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Sindh Govt

Shah said in a video message:

“Whoever is going to produce a vaccine for coronavirus will be rewarded, we hereby ask all the research laboratories,  research students, whoever is going to develop an exact vaccine will be rewarded whereas all the expenses for the research etc will be funded by the government of Sindh,”

He also mentioned that science and technology is the key to control any disease be it coronavirus or any other. This announcement came after the number of confirmed cases rose to 28 in Pakistan. 15 are from Sindh, 8 in Balochistan and 5 in Gilgit-Baltistan.

He added:

“Science and technology are keys to control coronavirus or any other disease caused by a virus or other reasons, and I hope that an antidote can be developed,”

The Minister tried to calm everyone down. He said that there are rumors and false news being spread but Sindh Govt is trying to take all the precautionary measures.

Research Work in Different Parts of the World

This reward incentive that is given by Sindh Govt will be a good kickstarter for starting research for coronavirus antidote. However, one should note that it takes almost 15 to 20 years for scientists to develop any sort of vaccine, from start to finish. Mark Feinberg, president and CEO of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, told Stat News.

The whole world is trying to develop an antidote for coronavirus. With WHO declaring as a worldwide pandemic, researchers are now questioning whether to skip animal testing or not. There are researchers in Seattle are claiming that standard lab rats cannot catch novel coronavirus. Hence, a completely different breed will be available but in a few weeks.

A research team in Canada has developed isolated grown copies of the disease and working on developing a vaccine. Researchers from the Sunnybrook Research Institute, the University of Toronto, and McMaster University were able to replicate the COVID-19 virus using samples that were taken from two Canadian patients tested positive for coronavirus.

Dr. Robert Kozak, from left, Dr. Samira Mubareka, Dr. Arinjay Banerjee

There is no successful antidote that is available in the market yet.

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