Sanam Jung Is Standing Against Body Shaming In New TV Serial “Pyari Mona”

On Instagram, Sanam Jung posted a preview and stated that she felt it was her duty as a woman to expose the artificial ideals of beauty.

Beginning with Sanam Jung’s Pyari Mona on HUM TV, which centres on her role, Mona, a chubby lady coping with society’s unattainable ideals of beauty, it appears that the Pakistani Television industry is exploring with fresh narratives.

Sanam Jung posted the first Pyari Mona preview on Instagram on Wednesday. Playing Pyari Mona was difficult for her because of the high expectations placed on women’s appearance in our industry, particularly when they take on leading roles, she said.

According to Jung, accepting this job was a deliberate choice since as actors, they have some moral responsibility to start awkward talks. Every level of our society is plagued with body shaming. Sadly, women constantly face judgement for their features, specifically their weight. Unkind comments like “Kitni moti ho gayee ho” [you’ve gotten so fat] are made to them. It causes psychological and emotional trauma.

She clarified that she felt it was her duty as a woman to denounce these “vain and cosmetic” beauty expectations. “No one judges a man as harshly for his weight. External appearance is no barometer to know a person’s seerat [personality]. Draw a parallel between soorat [beauty] and seerat,” Sanam Jung wrote.

Jung claimed that criticism from classmates, families, and society causes girls as little as those who are in their teenage years to constantly monitor their weight. She claimed that because they are raised believing that their weight will prevent them from getting married, it has serious effects on their physical and mental well-being including disorders like anorexia.

The goal is to bring up body criticism in casual conversation. People need to understand how those who don’t conform to the pre-established standards of beauty struggle and why it’s crucial to avoid passing judgement. She wrote, “My body, my wish.

Mona, who constantly has to confront hurdles, hardships, and taunts only because she doesn’t satisfy traditional criteria of beauty imposed by society, is the focus of HUM TV’s upcoming series, based on the network. The main character, Sanam Jung, in Pyari Mona will be seen standing up for herself against the community that judges her and those who are similar to her.

Adeel Hussain, who co-starred with Sanam Jung in Mohabat Subh Ka Sitara Hai, was also hinted at in the teaser. There has been no announcement of the full cast, schedule, or premiere date.

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