Series; The World is Dying, Wastage

One-third of all food is spoiled or wasted before it is consumed by people.

Imagine a world 3 to 4 million years into the future, a world where Food is worth more than Diamonds, a world where vegetation is a sacred ritual, a luxury only affordable for the elite. That is exactly what the future looks like and not in the coming 3 to 4 million years but in the next 20-30 years, it seems as though we are already on our way towards World War III.

We live in a universe so huge that holds galaxies and planets and solar systems. The ones yet to be discovered, the universe holds stars that carry their own milky ways and whirlpools, we are but a mere speck of dust in this universe of mystery, yet we fight over petty issues and believe ourselves to be the only intelligent life form in the galaxies that reside in galaxies. The world is but a small stage and the only stage for us to exist on, yet we waste it away in the most horrendous way we can, we waste away the natural resources that are given to us on a gold platter, from food to water, to minerals all is yet in vain for we are machines of power and nature is but a pure victim.

What is food wastage? Food waste refers to the decrease in food in subsequent stages of the food supply chain intended for human consumption. One-third of all food is spoiled or wasted before it is consumed by people. Food that is waste produced around the world is enough to feed 1 billion hungry people in the world that include the labor, water, energy, land and other inputs that go into producing that food.

It is estimated that 40 percent of food is wasted in Pakistan.

Every year, the increase in food waste is witnessed in the month of Ramadan in most Muslim populated countries, food is cooked in a large quantity from extravagant buffets to free food distributed on streets, all play a vital role in the action of food wastage and that is the reason why 6 out of 10 people go hungry to be in Pakistan. We are ranked on 107 on the GHI (Global Hunger Index) out of 118 developing countries, even though enough food is produced to feed the entire nation, the cause is simple food wastage. About 30 – 35% of food is never eaten and thrown away as wastage, which is worth about 1 trillion dollars if estimated the food waste represents about 1% of the GDP.


In Yemen, the shortage of food is so bad it is said if safety measures are not taken the entire generation of Yemen will be whipped out. Food wastage is not just morally wrong but is really bad for the environment as well, the food we throw each year takes up land larger than China if combined globally, the land is stripped bare of its natural resources and left barren and empty, In addition, food that is never eaten accounts for 25% of all freshwater consumption globally, the full glasses that we serve to our guests and our selves and throw the leftover water is also wastage, there already is water crises in Pakistan and it seems that day is not far away when we will have to fight tooth and nail just to get fresh water to drink.

To Be Continued..