Social media reacts to the death of Lata Mangeshkar

Social media mourns the singer's demise

The death of Lata Mangeshkar has caused quite the buzz on social media. Many shared their grief over the death of one of India’s finest musical legends.

However, Lata Mangeshkar’s death did unite the people of India and Pakistan together. Politicians and celebrities alike shared similar feelings of sorrow over the death of the musical icon.

Both country’s prime ministers had expressed their grief over the death of Lata Mangeshkar.

Countless singers, actors and actresses from both sides of the borders expressed their sadness over Lata Mangeshkar’s death.

For some she was an inspiration and to other she was regarded as a national and regional icon. Here are just some of the heartfelt tweets by Indian and Pakistani celebrities alike.

Based on these reactions, its safe to say that Lata Mangeshkar has truly had a remarkable impact on the sub-continent.

Her music united people from both sides of the border and made them cherish in the beauty of classical music.

On behalf of our team, we offer our strongest condolences to the family of Lata Mangeshkar. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this saddest of times.

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