8 Ways To Amp Up your Room In a Budget

Want to your room from a haphazard mess to Pinterest aesthetic ones? Here are several ways you can do so for cheap and still make it look amazing

Are you looking to upgrade your room from that teddy bear and train set phase to an aesthetic chic and elegant adult room? And that too in a budget?

It is easy to get sucked into those trendy Pinterest pins where the bedrooms look like they are right out of your imagination. But changing everything may be bad for your bank balance, so there are much easier ways to upgrade your room to those Pinterest-inspired rooms with just a few changes.

1. More plants and flowers


Plants will give your room peaceful natural vibes and energy but don’t go overboard unless you really want to. If you are scared of killing plants then maybe go for a fake one, a cactus, a succulent, or a money plant.

you can find fake flowers, plants and pots at https://habitt.com/collections/artificial-flowers-plants or real ones from a nursery

2. Mirrors mirrors and more mirrors


Mirrors make a room look big that’s why people who have small rooms should use more reflective things to make the room look big. Also having a huge floor mirror will get you a cute spot of mirror selfies, so why not? Just keep it minimal but chic.

you can find Pinterest aesthetic mirror at https://www.paktameer.com/shop/view_products/151

3. Room changing rugs


Rugs especially statement ones placed in your cosy spot or right in front of the bed centre of the room.  There are several options for rugs like Afghan prints, Oriental prints, Geometric prints, Animal Prints, or Fur Rugs with eye-catching designs to make a statement.

You can find amazing quality ones at https://qaleen.pk/

4. High-quality bedding

High-quality bedding can make a huge difference in how the centre of the bedroom, bed, looks. The design and colour are a personal choice and reflect personality. Some prefer plain with neutral colours and some prefer designed bedsheets with colours that pop.

Get high-quality bedding from Decor Studio https://decorstudio.pk/collections/bedsheets

5. Chic statement pillows

Statement pillows on your bed will make the room get a personality and a pop of colour. With pillows, you can add boho neutrals or lively colourful ones to make them the centre of attention on your bed and add a bunch of pillows.

You can get statement pillows from https://rizaries.com/collections/cushion-covers

6. A cosy spot makes the room inviting


If you have space big enough and have space for two ottomans, stools or chairs, and a small table, you should definitely make a cosy spot for yourself and your guests. Having a cosy spot will give you a place to sit apart from your bed and read a book.

You can get a statement chair from https://urbangalleria.com/collections/chairs

7. Lights which will change your room


Having a small hanging light or boho chandelier will make your room look fancy and chic just like the Pinterest rooms. It doesn’t have to be fancy, you can have a modern classy chandelier for your room.

You can get any kind of statement light https://www.islamabadlights.com/

8. New shelves for your room


Having shelves gives you extra space for your books and statement decor pieces and it’ll give your wall a makeover too. Having shelves with rare shapes will give your space and wall a unique look and make it eye-catching.

You can get Pinterest style shelves from https://woodaction.com/collections/shelf

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