Do you have Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD?

Seasonal Affective Disorder is depression which is related to changes in the weather It is quite common and here are ways you can detect it.

Winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder? Do you know which one you are suffering from? 

What you might think are winter blues may be Seasonal Affective Disorder also known as SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder is depression that is related to the weather. The onset usually starts from Labour Day and ends when the weather is much pleasant towards the end of February depending on the area. However, it can also happen in summers but that’s very rare. SAD happens due to the lack of sunlight and events in our lives when the weather gets colder. 

But how will you know you have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? Here is a list of symptoms and if you happen to have at least four of these then you should consult a psychologist. 

  1. Having low energy or feeling lethargic 
  2. Losing interest in activities you used to enjoy before 
  3. You are over or binge eating and craving a lot more carbs than you used to 
  4. Feeling lousy, good-for-nothing, and at fault. 
  5. Feeling down and sad nearly every day 
  6. Sleeping a lot more than usual

The risk of getting Seasonal Affective Disorder is high if someone already has a disorder. The further away you live from the equator the more at risk you are and it is much more common in women than in men. 

Most psychologists may recommend light therapy which can also be done at home by buying a 10,000 lux light therapy box that gives the least amount of UV rays. And if your SAD is severe they may suggest medicines like anti-depressants. However, this mood disorder is not as severe as chronic depression. 

*This article is not an alternative to a doctor’s consultation so please refer to a health care practitioner if you face any of the symptoms mentioned above. 

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