Spotify to Officially Launch in Pakistan

Spotify's official Instagram and Facebook released a statement claiming that they are launching in 80+ new markets, that includes Pakistan!

Spotify, a Swedish audio streaming media service provider and one of the largest music streaming services is opening its doors to new markets all over the world this year. Spotify’s official Instagram and Facebook released a statement recently, claiming that they are launching in 80+ markets and that includes Pakistan! ” See you soon Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nigeria”, Spotify wrote on Twitter.

Last year the company verified an Instagram for Pakistan which led to a lot of speculation to take place, but there was not an official statement released by the company. But finally, the moment we all had been waiting for, Spotify is finally launching in Pakistan and other markets making the music streaming services available to more than a billion people around the world.

There are many kinds of music streaming applications available such as Apple Music, Youtube Music, and many others but Spotify remains a favorite because of how easy it is to listen to the music you like. It offers everything that all of its music streaming app competitors have and more. Their main advantage is a library of millions of songs and a massive number of playlists created by the app users and Spotify’s own algorithm system. It drives 16 billion artist discoveries every month, which means that the users are recommended artists they have never heard of before. This is a feature that is quite unique and something that the company is proud of.

The company officially launched more than a decade ago and is currently available in 93 countries, with 345 million monthly active users. Also, the music streaming platform gained more popularity in the midst of the pandemic, where the global listening hours surpassed pre-pandemic levels, as users increased listening to music and podcasts.

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