Suicide Warning Signs and How You Can Help

Suicide talk is a stigma in Pakistan however that has led to a rise in the suicide rate. Here are some warning signs and ways to get and give help.

Do you know Pakistan has an 8.90 suicide rate? But Pakistan has a silent suicide problem as well which tells us that the rate may be higher than 8.90. Suicide represents 9.7% of deaths in the region of Pakistan.

You may never know who is silently suffering from a bad day let alone suicidal thoughts. The stigma around talking about suicide in Pakistan has led to a rapid increase in the rate. It is very important to talk about this topic as well as other mental health issues.

Although due to the stigma around suicide and the covering of suicide cases due to Islamic rules, Pakistan doesn’t keep track of the suicide rate officially. However, 13,000 people killed themselves in 2012 and 5,500 in 2016.

If you are worried about someone, here are some suicide warning signs you may observe: 

  • The person is suddenly calm, much calmer than one usually is.
  • They choose to stay alone and avoid everyone and all activities they usually used to enjoy.
  • The person is engaging more in harmful or reckless behavior or they may be physically self-harming themselves.
  • If recently they have experienced some sort of dilemma or trauma.
  • If you notice changes in their sleeping patterns, characteristics, and/or appearance.
  • If the person is sad for a much longer period than they usually are or have intense mood swings.
  • They may even talk subtly about wanting to end it or give a threatening but clear sign.
  • They may start making arrangements like making a will, visiting loved ones, giving away personal belongings.
  • They may even talk about being trapped, hopeless, not wanting to live, being a burden, or being in a lot of emotional pain.

Signs may not be as clear or exactly the same as in the list above but do always keep a check on your loved ones especially those who you know are or may be going through something.

Some ways you can prevent suicide if you observe warning signs in someone: 

  • Learn about the elements that increase your chances of committing suicide.
  • Be on the lookout for indicators of sadness and other mental illnesses.
  • Recognize the warning symptoms of suicide.
  • Assist with compassion.
  • Inquire openly if the individual has considered self-harm.

If this doesn’t work Pakistan has a few helplines you can use for suicide prevention or if you need help:

  1. Suicide Prevention Helpline – MIND                                                24/7 Hotline: 042-35761999
  2. #baatkaro suicide prevention                                                          Whatsapp Number: 0335-5743344
  3. Talk To Me                                                                                           24/7 Hotline: 0321-9473633

You can also take help from organizations like

  1. Taskeen 
  2. Umang 
  3. White Ribbon Pakistan 
  4. Madadgaar National Helpline 
  5. Rozan Youth Helpline 

It is never too late to help or get help. Please keep an eye on warning signs in people and reach out to those who might need help.

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