Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon Burnt

As tensions between Lebanon residents and Syrian refugees rise, a fight between two families led to the refugee camps getting burnt to the ground.

On Sunday, 27th December, thousands of Syrian refugees had to flee their camps in northern Lebanon. The Syrian refugee camps were burnt and spread like ashes onto the ground as people scram and ran to save themselves.

The fire originally started by late Saturday, and continue for hours and firefighters tirelessly tried to put it out said the Lebanese civil defense personnel. The fire started because of a fight between a Syrian and Lebanese family living in the al-Miniyeh district in the country’s north, according to Lebanese media reports, and ended up in the Syrian refugee camps getting burnt.

The Lebanese army stated on Sunday that upon conducting several raids, they arrested two Lebanese men and six Syrians as part of the investigation. The statement said the Lebanese men had fired weapons into the air and torched the tents.

They are expected to make more arrests soon. Khaled Kabbara, a UN refugee agency spokesman in northern Lebanon, said some 375 people lived in the informal settlement that was located on a plot of rented land. He said the entire Syrian refugee camp was burnt to the ground.

Moreover, upon the Syrian refugee camp burning, he said that at least four people were hospitalized with minor injuries from the fire. Most of the members have now sought refuge in other informal settings, and others have been given a place to live by the locals.

Tensions between locals and Syrian refugees are very common says Kabbara, they have often led t such catastrophic results. The Syrian refugee camps burning is just one of these examples.

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