The Best Clothing Option For Men Under 5,000

Shopping for the cheapest clothing options can be a tiring task. Hence, this article highlights some of the cheapest clothing options for men.

Shopping for cheap clothing options can be a tiring task. Searching for clothes at reasonable prices can be an exhausting task. Since it involves going from store to store searching for the best and most affordable outfits to wear. However, this article will no longer require people to do that, as we have laid out some of the best clothing options for men under fifty thousand.


The famous designer brand has a wide variety of clothing options for men that fall under the fifty thousand category. These include their highly popular kurtas for men that can be worn during any festive occasions such as weddings. Their kurtas come in different colours with some having embroidery on it. The prices range from two thousand five hundred to four thousand.

Almirah offers a wide variety of cheap clothing options for men. (Source: Facebook/Almirah)

Alkaram Studio:

The infamous clothing brand has a wide variety of cheap menswear options to buy from. Their items include different coloured dyed embroidered kurtas, dyed embroidered blended shalwaar kameezes and formal waistcoats. Their cheap clothing options also include western outfits. For example; their sweat shirts range from between two thousand four hundred to two thousand eight hundred. Their polo shirts cost less than two thousand.

Alkaram studios offer shalwaar kameezes at very cheap rates. (Source: Facebook/Alkaram Studios)


Another highly popular men’s brand, Cambridge has a huge selection of men’s clothing options that fall under the five thousand price range. Although, Cambridge makes a lot of suits, the vast majority of their cheap options tend to be kurtas and shalwaar kameezes, which fall under the three thousand to four thousand price range.

Cambridge has some of the best festive wears at cheaper costs. (Source: Facebook/ Cambridge)


One of the most popular brands in the country for casual wear, Outfitters has a wide variety of clothing options that cost less than five thousand. For instance, their latest sweaters that are part of their winter collection for this year costs around the three thousand nine hundred to four thousand five hundred price range. They also have a wide range of hoodies and sweatshirts that cost less than two thousand.

Outfitters offer cheap sweatshirts. (Source: Facebook/Outfitters)

Leisure Club:

Known for its amazing variety, Leisure Club boasts some of the cheapest outfits in the market. They have an extensive variety of cheap clothing options. For instance many of their checkered shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts cost around the two thousand nine hundred to three thousand two hundred price range. Their half sleeve sweaters costs less than two thousand five hundred.

Cheaper outfits that are a part of Leisure Club’s Winter Collection. (Facebook/ Leisure Club)
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