The Best Places To Try Hot Chocolate

A glass of hot chocolate is one of the best drinks to have during the winters. This article highlights some of the best brands of hot chocolate in Karachi.

There is nothing like sipping through a glass of hot chocolate to keep you warm during this festive season. With so many cafes that have sprung up in recent times, the places to try some delicious hot chocolate is endless. This article showcases some of the best places to try hot chocolate.


Serving some of the best and most healthiest food out there, Pesto is also immensely popular for its delicious hot chocolate. The warm and delicious taste of hot cocoa brings many customers to its door. The hot chocolate is also served without any added sugar, thereby catering to those with diabetes or high cholesterol. A taste of their delicate hot chocolate will keep you coming back for more.

Pesto’s amazing brand of hot cocoa. (Source: Facebook/Pesto)

Test Kitchen By Okra:

Okra’s latest new venture has been attracting a lot of buzz for its amazing food. Its delicate breads and scrumptious desserts are extremely popular. However, it is their warm glass of hot chocolate is what keeps the praises coming. Test Kitchen’s hot chocolate is super sweet and is sure to keep you warm during the winters. If your a lover of hot chocolate, this is the place for you to try out.

Test kitchen By Okra offers some of the best cocoa in town. (Source: Facebook/Test kitchen by Okra)


One of the most popular coffee and chocolate places in town, Butlers offer a wide variety of delicious chocolates and warm beverages. Among their popular beverage drinks is their infamous hot chocolate. The warm delicate taste of cocoa served with whipped cream makes it a highly popular drink and is one of its best selling items on the menu.

Butler’s most popular drink, hot chocolate. (Source: Facebook/Butlers Chocolate Cafe Pakistan)

Cafe Praha:

The newest joint in town, Cafe Praha aims to provide the residents of this city with the true essence of being at an Eastern European cafe without actually being there. It offers some of the best desserts and coffee in town and their cup of hot chocolate ranks as some of the best in the city. The aromatic taste of cocoa served by this newly established cafe aims to ensure that its customers keep on coming back for more.

Cafe Praha serves some of the best brand of hot cocoa out there. (Source: Facebook/ Cafe Praha)


Serving some of the best grilled food in town, SOL has made its mark on the food scene in Karachi. Apart from its delicious steaks and burgers, it serves some of the best hot chocolate in town. Its delicious cup of hot cocoa is highly refreshing. Its aromatic taste has brought it several praises from people who have visited the joint. If you want to try some amazing hot chocolate, go give SOL a visit.

A tasty glass of hot chocolate from SOL. (Source: Facebook/ SOL)
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