Mansha Pasha Replies to Hate Comments

Mansha Pasha & Jibran Nasir received a lot of backlash on their engagement and Mansha replied to them all together in a single tweet. She says that 'you can't justify cruelty by calling it an opinion'.

Hate comments are a part of every public figure’s life. It used to be in the form of backbiting back in the days and now social media has made it easier to mock someone. Such platforms allow anonymity, which gives power to the haters and results in such hateful comments and sometimes threats too. Mansha Pasha, like many others, has become a victim as well.

Last week, Mansha and Jibran got engaged at a small and intimate ceremony. They both looked very happy, but some people just cannot see others happy. She received many hate comments and people started bringing her past on this day. These haters do not realize that celebrities and public figures are humans too. At times, the comments get a bit too harsh and difficult to handle.

Mansha Pasha replied in a tweet saying:

“This is esp true for me with regards to the troll comments on my some of my engagement photos. Assumptions made on my life, my choices, my previous relationships. U cant justify cruelty by calling it “an opinion”. Esp if its a worthless opinion.”

Armeena Khan replied to her tweet and comforted her:

“You looked like a queen Mansha and your face reflected true happiness M.A and nobody can take those moments away from you. They hate because of empty hearts and minds. I’m just going to send you positive energy to fill your timeline with <3”

Amidst the happy and congratulatory comments, there were some trolls who focused on the kissing video. Jibran was seen kissing Mansha on the cheeks during the engagement ceremony which went viral like wildfire. People started comparing it Yasir’s proposal and called it a cheap stunt.

I think people forget that they are commenting on a human’s post and ruining their day. It’s sad to see that we don’t have tolerance for anyone who’s different than us.

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