The Best New Years Resolutions To Keep

Every new years people keep resolutions. This article helps to highlight some of the best New Years resolutions for people to keep.

Each New Years, people come up with different resolutions that they hope to achieve. Some of these goals tend to be outlandish, while others tend to be achievable. This New Years, we offer some of the best resolutions for people to keep.

The first resolution that everyone should keep is to be more kind towards people. An act of kindness can always help people feel better about themselves. Being kind and compassionate towards people who are strangers. Show empathy towards people who are different to you. Show love and compassion to everyone, even those you despise. Being kind can be a quite rewarding deed and it should be something which everyone should stride for.

Be kind and compassionate. (Source:

The second resolution should be to be helpful to others. Help can be in multitudes of ways. You can help someone going through a rough time mentally by just being there for them. You can help others who are feeling lonely by being their friend and confidant. Help is not only exclusive to those who are your friends or relatives. Help those in poverty by giving them zakat or paying for their food.

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The third resolution that people should adopt is to always try giving back to your community. This can be done in many ways. For example; by donating money to charities aimed at helping better the community, by taking part in initiatives to help keep the city clean or by giving stray animals shelter.

Always give back to your community. (Source:


The fourth resolution can be to is always be honest about how you feel. To tell people about your true feelings and to never hide secrets. Always be open about everything that happens in your life. Always be transparent about yourself with all your loved ones. Honesty helps to strengthen the relationship even more.

Always stride to be honest. (Source:


The fifth and most important resolution one should keep is to always be happy. Always be content with what you have and be blessed with all that you have gotten. Never measure your happiness in comparison to others, as that will always make you feel less happy. Just always know that your life is special and unique in its own way.

Its important to be happy in life. (source:
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