The Best Festivals In Karachi 2019

As the year comes to an end, we have come out with an article which highlights some of the biggest festivals to have taken place in the city this year.

This year we saw some of the best festivals to have taken place in Karachi. From music to cultural festivals, the list of festivals to have captivated the city is endless. As the year comes to an end, we highlight some of the best music festivals to have taken place in the city this year.

Solis Festival (2019):

We cannot have an article highlighting some of the best festivals in Karachi of 2019 without mentioning the Solis Festival. It goes without saying that it was one of the major festivals to have taken place in the city this year. The festivals main headlining act were the famous British electronic band Clean Bandit. The festival also had a line up of other well renowned international and local artists to help make the night more memorable.

Clean Bandit performing at Solis. (Source: Facebook/Solis Music & Arts Festival)

Biggest Musical Eve (2019):

Another major festival to have taken place this year was the Biggest Musical Eve. The event took place earlier this month. The major headlining act at the festival was Pakistan’s biggest musical superstar Atif Aslam. Other well renowned artists who performed included Surj RDB, Akcent, Sandra N, Vahaj Hanif, Raeth The Band and Tipu Shareef. The performances of each artist had helped make the show more lively and memorable for everyone in attendance.

Biggest Musical Eve Poster. (Source: Facebook/Al Hayat Group)

Super Salt (Salt Arts) 2019:

Salt Arts 2019 consisted of some of the best local talents from across the country. There were up to fifty different musicians with each performing a different sort of genre. The festival helped provide talents from across the country with the opportunity to showcase their musical prowess. This year’s festival was highly entertaining as it consisted of some of the best talents to have made a mark on the Pakistani music scene. Some of the headliners included Shamoon Ismail, Ali Gul Pir, Hamza Akram Qawwal, Meesha Shafi and the Baluch Twins.

Meesha Shafi performing at Salt Arts 2019.

Jhal Magsi Rally (2019):

One of the major racing events to take place in the country, Jhal Magsi Rally 2019 attracted loads of adventurous racers from across the world who were willing to take their chances of driving through the rugged terrains of Central Baluchistan. This exciting and thrilling event took place from 15th to 17th November and saw many talented Pakistani racers win several first place positions in different race categories.

Jhal Magsi Rally 2019 taking place in Central Baluchistan. (source: Facebook/ Ahmed Malik Photography)

Sweat A Thon (2019):

This November, Gatorade helped organize one of the biggest fitness festival in the country called “Sweat A Thon”. The fitness festival consisted of a boot camp and marathon aimed at promoting the importance of exercise and fitness among the population. It also aims at promoting the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. The festival also featured a performance by Strings.

Gatorade Sweatathon was enormously successful. (Source: Facebook/ Gatorade Pakistan)

Get Fit Pakistan- Health and Expo Fitness (2019):

The event took place at Beach Luxury Hotel with the sole purpose of raising an awareness about the importance of being in shape and leading a healthy lifestyle. The event consisted of several workout, yoga and zumba sessions. Their were also events aimed at promoting fitness and health among children as well. The event was a huge success and was immensely popular among people of different age groups and gender.

A poster for Get Fit Pakistan Health and Fitness Expo. (Source: Facebook/ Get Fit Pakistan)
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