The Best Pizza In Karachi And Where You Can Find Them

Through this article, we like to highlight which top of the line restaurants and cafes are offering the best pizza in Karachi.

If you are a pizza lover then this article is certainly the one for you. This article tells you where you can find the best pizza in Karachi.

We tell you each and every detail that you need to know. Ranging from the cheapest prices to which place offers a diverse range of pizzas.

So, without any further delays, here are the places where you can find the best pizza in Karachi.

1) Famous O’s

If there is one place that offers the best New York style pizza in all of Karachi, it is none other than Famous O’s.

In terms of variety, the list of pizzas they have is endless. You cannot go wrong with their O-riginal, which is their classic New York style cheese pizza.

Other pizza varieties which are popular include their Wild Thing, Wild Buffalo and Smokin’ BBQ.

best pizza in Karachi

In terms of prices, they offer the best deals. Their O-Riginal cost only Rs.947 (if you are going for the 10 inch pizza). If you order their 20 inch, that will cost you Rs.3000.

However, we suggest that the simple 10 inch is big enough so no need to order anything bigger than that.

If you are looking for top quality pizza in Karachi, then you should definitely go for Famous O’s.

Contact Details:  0322 2277669

Location: Shop #1, Building، 5-C Khayaban-e-Seher, Shahbaz Commercial Area Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75500

Timings: 12PM- 12AM (Each day)


If you are looking for that true and enriching Neapolitan pizza, then there is no place better than POMO.

What makes them stand out from their competitors is how affordable their pizzas are. Their most popular pizza, the Margarita, costs only just Rs.925. Even their other pizza’s are relatively more cheaper.

best pizza in Karachi

For instance, their Marinara costs only Rs.800. Which for an upscale joint like this is quite affordable. Thus, making it one of the cheapest pizza in Karachi to buy from a high scale restaurant.

Their other pizza flavors include; Capricciosa, Mushroom and Pepperoni. They also allow you to create your own pizza and allow you to choose the toppings of your liking.

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, then POMO is the place for you.

Contact Details:  (021) 35171456

Location: 44-C Lane 4, D.H.A Phase 6 Shahbaz Commercial Area Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75500

Timings: 12:30 PM- 11PM (Each day except Wednesday 8AM- 11PM)

3) New York Pizza

You simply cannot talk about the best pizza in Karachi without discussing New York Pizza.

The first bite you take sends you into absolute paradise. However, apart from being really tasty, they are also quite big. Once you have their pizza, you will not feel like having anything later that day.

best pizza in Karachi

If you are trying their pizzas for the first time, I suggest try their Chicken Tikka and Chicken Fajita. You will certainly have a mind blowing experience sinking your teeth into their juicy pizzas.

In terms of their cost, their 16 inch pizza costs Rs.2,499. However, what makes them stand out from the rest is that their pricing for each pizza is the same. Which makes them relatively more cheaper in comparison to other competitors in the market.

Next time you are in the city, then definitely give New York Pizza a must try.

Contact Details:  (021) 111 697 697

Location: Ocean Towers, Khayaban-e-Iqbal, Block 9 Clifton, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75500

Timings: 8:55 AM- 5: 40PM (Each Day)

4) Broadway Pizza

Another place where you can find the best pizza in Karachi is Broadway Pizza. The joint offer some of the spiciest and boldest flavors that you can possibly have in a pizza.

Their pizza slices tend to be huge and often times one slice is enough to keep you full for an entire day. Some of their pizza slices are as big as 40 inches. In terms of pricing, the cost of this slice alone is Rs.1099.

Their 10 inch medium size pizza costs only Rs.1199 while their 10 inch large medium size pizza costs Rs.1599. Even their 20 inch size pizza is relatively more cheaper than other pizzas of similar sizes.

It costs only Rs.2699, making it one of the cheapest pizza in Karachi in that size category. In terms of their flavors, they have a huge variety.

Some of their more popular pizza flavors include their God Spell Beef Load, Mamma Mia Classic and Phantom. All in all, Broadway Pizza offers foodies the chance to have some of the best pizza in Karachi at the most economical prices.

Contact Details:  (021) 111 339 339

Locations and Timings: 

Khayaban-e-Iqbal (10AM- 3AM)

II Chundrigar Road (10AM- 3AM)

Khayaban-e-Bukhari (10AM- 3AM)



Bahdurabad (Open 24 hours)

Tariq Road (10AM- 12AM)

Garden East (10AM- 3AM)

Gulshan-e-Iqbal (Open 24 hours)

5) 14th Street Pizza

One of the oldest players in the market, 14th Street Pizza offers the best quality pizza in town.

Their pizzas are a great fusion of both eastern and western flavors and thus makes them irresistibly delicious.

Some of their more popular pizza flavors include the Chicken Fajita, Chicken Tikka and Hot Chicken Mughlai.

Apart from their taste, the pricings are quite reasonable. If you are a family of 4 then 14th Street Pizza is the best choice for you. They have countless deals which are sure to keep your family fully satisfied.

For instance, their Super Saver costs only Rs.1799 and contains a 15 inch pizza, chicken wings and 1.5 liter drink. If your looking to have a get together of 6-8 people, then you should opt for the Big Hunt.

While the deal may cost Rs.3299, what it offers in return makes it a fairly reasonable deal. It consists of a 20 inch original full pizza, two sides, 6 mini lava cakes and a 2.25 liter drink.

If you are looking for the cheapest pizza in Karachi that also offers the best quality, then go for 14th Street Pizza.

Contact Details:  (021) 111 363 636

Location and Timings:

Khayaban-e-Shahbaz (10AM- 7PM)

Khayaban-e-Nishat (12PM- 2AM)


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