Travel affordably with the best low cost airlines in the market

If your looking to travel the world through a more cost effective means, then you have come to the right place. We highlight the best low cost carriers to fly with.

Low cost airlines are the ideal form of travel for many tourists from Pakistan. It offers them the ability to explore the world at a cheaper rate.

However, with so many budget airlines operating in the market, it is difficult to decide which airline to choose. Luckily for you all, this article helps clear all your queries.

We highlight the best low cost airlines that you should travel with the next time your planning a trip. Lets take a look at which are the best budget airlines to travel with.

1) flydubai

This low budget airline is perhaps the best alternative to Emirates when it comes to traveling to Dubai and beyond.

What makes it one of the best low cost airlines in the market is that it offers top quality services to its passengers. One such service is their extensive in flight entertainment system. Though their in flight entertainment system, you can check out many films and tv shows of your liking.

However, these services are free to only Business class travelers. Travelers who have opted for the Lite, Value and Flex fare need to purchase this service.

best low cost airlines

They also offer passengers complementary meals, a service not offered on other low cost carriers. However, this service is only offered to those traveling on a Business, Value or Flex fare. These travelers also have the choice of whether they want to order a vegetarian or non vegetarian meal.

What also makes it stand out from other budget carriers in the market are their seats. Not only are their seats comfortable but there is also plenty of leg space allowing you to maneuver around.

Through additional payment, you can have extra legroom which will allow you to have a better traveling experience.  Although, those who have purchased the Flex and Business fare can choose their seats without payment.

If your looking for a great travel experience, then flydubai is one of the best low cost airlines to fly with.

2) Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines offers travelers the opportunity to travel to Turkey through more economical means.

What makes it one of the best low cost airlines in the market is its large network of European destinations. If your looking for a low cost means of travel to Europe then Pegasus Airlines is your best option.

The airline offers countless packages for low cost travelers to choose from. If you are traveling solo, then you should go for their Basic Package. Through this package, you have the chance to take a baggage of your choosing with you on board the aircraft.

best low cost airlines

If you opt for the Essential Package, you get 15KG baggage allowance on any domestic flight in Turkey. If you are looking to travel internationally, then you have a baggage allowance of 20KG. In this package, you also have the opportunity to take one baggage with you on board your flight.

The Advantage Package allows you to have access to inflight entertainment and a complimentary sandwich. You also have the opportunity to choose your seats. In addition, you have 20KG of baggage allowance.

The final package they have to offer is the Comfort Flex Package. This package has all the features of the Advantage Package with one more additional ability. That being the ability to cancel tickets without incurring a penalty.

So, the next time you are looking for cost effective travel to Turkey, then make your booking with Pegasus Airlines. It is one of the best budget airlines you can travel to Europe with.

3) Serene Air

Thinking of traveling domestically but without poor service or delays, well Serene Air is your best alternative.

Since its operations began in 2017, the airline has emerged as one of the best low cost airlines in the country. What makes it one of the best budget airlines in the country are its countless discount offers.

If you are a senior citizen over the age of 70, then you have 12% discount on your ticket price. They also offer a 50% discount for those with disabilities and a further 25% discount for those that accompany them.

best low cost airlines

What also helps it stand out is their baggage allowance policy. Travelers can check in up to 40KG (2 pieces) and take up to 7KG on board with them. You also have the privilege of preserving your seat during the booking process.

In addition, each day they offer a different menu for their passengers. This helps to enhance the passengers’ dining experiences on board the aircraft.

If you are looking to travel within the country, then make sure you a book a flight with Serene Air. It is truly one of the best low cost airlines we have in the country.

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