The Best Places To Have Coffee In Karachi

As coffee culture becomes more prominent in the city, we highlight the best coffee places in town to enchant your taste buds.

Coffee is slowly becoming a popular choice of drink for many people across the city. It is becoming quite popular among the youth. It acts as a great way to rejuvenate one’s attention. It makes them more attentive especially in light of so much work that they have to do. We have listed some of the best places in town where you can get amazing coffee.


You can not have a list of the best coffee places in town without mentioning one of the oldest coffee establishments in town. Started in 2005, the cafe has attracted many customers. While their food is known to be some of the best in the city, their style of brew has attracted lots of customers. Some of their specialties include their flat white, cafe mocha, cappuccino and cafe latte (the latter two come in different flavours).

Espresso’s highly popular brand of brew.


The newest coffee shop in town, Mocca has managed to entice a large portion of the city’s residents with its amazing coffee. It is insanely busy, particularly during the weekends. It has also become a popular hang out spot for the city’s youth. Some of their popular specialties include their signature drinks such as moccacino and Swiss chocolate latte. Other popular drinks they serve are cappuccinos, espressos and lattes.

A tasteful cup of espresso at Mocca.


Another popular coffee destination for many residents, FLOC’s style of coffee has been attracting loads of people to its business. They consider themselves to be Pakistan’s first third wave coffee shop. One of their beloved products is the Matkiccino, Pakistan’s very own espresso based coffee. They also offer dairy free coffee options for those who are lactose intolerant. They also have a wide variety of frappes and hot chocolates.

Pakistan’s own branded espresso, Matkiccino.

New York Coffee:

A Bahrain based coffee franchise, it has managed to make its way into the hearts of many Karachi residents. Their coffee is heavily praised as some of the best in the city. They offer three different styles of espressos, lattes and mochas. Each of which taste amazing in their own right. They also have some of the best variety flavoured frappes in town. In addition to their tasteful brews, they also have one of the best breakfast menus in the city.

New York Coffee’s tasteful brew.


With coffee beans from all parts of the world, Esquires helps to present a delicious brand of coffee like no other. Their coffee is splendid and keeps the people coming back for more. What also sets them apart from the rest of their competitors is their highly friendly baristas that make the customer experience at Esquires more pleasant. Some of their most popular brews include their espressos, lattes and cappuccinos. Their products are also considered hundred percent organic.

A blissful taste with Esquire’s own flavored brew

Second Cup Pakistan:

With operations around the world, the American franchise has managed to make its mark on the Pakistani market. It has taken Islamabad and Lahore by storm with its impeccable style of brew and hopes to make a similar impression among the residents of Karachi. Its different flavours and varieties of coffee are sure to make everyone in the city become a fan of the beloved coffee franchise.

Second Cup special brand of brew.

Feature Image is by David Dewitt

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