Priyanka Chopra Talks About Her Twitter Controversy

Priyanka Chopra got herself tangled in a Twitter controversy back when India & Pakistan had some tensions. She has recently cleared it up in an interview.

Priyanka Chopra got herself tangled in a Twitter controversy back when India & Pakistan had some tensions. She supported her India armed forces through a tweet which said ‘Jai Hind’. This tweet really hurt sentiments of Pakistani fans, considering that Priyanka is a UN ambassador. After this tweet, she was in hot waters as she received major backlash from many people as the tweet was in favor of war.

She mentioned in a recent interview that:

“I feel that influence is an extremely important power, and it has a lot of responsibility that comes with it,” she says. “It doesn’t have the responsibility that heads of states might have, because obviously we are not lawmakers or we cannot change those things, but we can influence, and I have always hoped to be able to use my influence in terms of philanthropy, and creativity in the arts, and to be able to, if I have opinions as a citizen, be able to speak about my opinions, and be able to give people perspective that they might not have seen because of my travels.”

Priyanka mentions that being an influencer means that they have more power. Influencers can help in changing mindsets of people that’s why they’re considered as powerful. People follow them and then follow their footsteps as well. They’re in the eyes of people on TV, social media, paparazzi and so much more. They’re prone to controversies and scandals but that means one needs to be very careful with words.

She also said:

“I feel like this is not an opportune moment to talk about it. Second of all, it was unfortunate what happened, and third of all, I never have, never was, and never will be pro-war and that is in my statements itself. My work for all of these years is a testament to that, and I don’t feel I need to keep regurgitating it.”

I mean, if you’re not pro-war, then you need to comment from a neutral perspective. Being a UN ambassador is no joke, and if someone really tells you they’re hurt by your words, then maybe you should reconsider. What happened at the beauty event in LA was really saddening. Anyway, we hope to see Priyanka improve her behavior and be a little more considerate.

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