The best summer destinations for the ultimate holiday experience

The best destinations to visit for the ultimate summer holiday experience.

We tell you all about the best summer destinations for you to explore. Places that are sure to offer you the best holiday experience that you can possibly have.

If you too are looking for the ultimate holiday experience, then you must visit these places. You are sure to have a ball of a time.

So, without keeping you waiting, lets take a look at the best summer destinations.

1) Cappadocia, Turkey 

One of the best summer holiday destinations to visit is Cappadocia. It is perhaps one of the most alluring and fascinating destination in all of Turkey.

What makes the city so alluring is its geography. From rugged mountain terrains with Islamic inscriptions to dark caves, the natural beauty is certainly quite interesting.

Hot air balloons overlooking the mountains of Cappadocia.

From hot air balloon rides to cave exploration, there is so much that one can do in Cappadocia. If your thinking of some of the best places to visit for a summer holiday, then Cappadocia is the place for you.

Some of the points of interest for you to visit include; Mount Erciyes, Uchisar Castle and the Anti-Taurus Mountains.

2) Koh Samui, Thailand 

Thinking of the perfect island getaway destination for your summer holidays, then Koh Samui is the perfect place for you.

Its pristine beaches and infinite water sport activities makes it one of the best island destinations in Thailand.

Its most popular beaches include Cheong Mon Beach, Lamai Beach and Maenam Beach. Some of the activities that you can engage in on the island include snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving.

best summer destinations
Koh Samui offers a great escape for travelers looking to relax and unwind.

The island also has many beautiful national parks as well as countless ancient temples.

In conclusion, Koh Samui has everything you look for in a tourist hotspot. It is one of the best summer holiday destinations in Southeast Asia. We highly recommend you to definitely visit the island when in Thailand.

3) Bali, Indonesia

This list of the best summer holiday destinations would not be complete without the inclusion of Bali.

It is without a doubt one of the best places for you to visit when in Indonesia. The stunning scenery and crystal clear beaches are sure to be a delight for nature lovers.

If you are visiting Bali for the first time, then do visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. It gives you the chance to check out some gorgeous temples and interact with the local monkey population.

best summer destinations
The stunning temples of Bali.

You can also visit the iconic Uluwatu Temple and take pictures that help capture the beautiful background behind.

You can also explore the agrarian life of most Balinese people by visiting the Tegallalang Rice Terrace. It gives you the opportunity to see how rice is cultivated and extracted by the locals.

Bali also has many other sites worth visiting. These include; Mount Batur, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple and the Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida.

4) Amalfi, Italy

Italy is known for some amazing and beautiful places and Amalfi is just one of them.

The colorful town has loads to offer for tourists who are looking to get a glimpse of Italian culture and heritage.

Amalfi hosts the Mueso della Carta, which helps detail the history of paper making in Amalfi. For those who are a fan of medieval architecture, you can also visit the Duomo di Amalfi. It is a medieval cathedral from the 18th century.

best summer destinations
The stunning Amalfi Coast.

If you are looking for a simple dose of relaxation, then head out towards the beach. The Duoglio Spiaggia is Amalfi’s famous beach and is the perfect place for you to simply relax, unwind and enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean weather.

Overall, if your looking to visit Italy, then do give Amalfi a must visit. It is certainly one of the best summer holiday destinations for you to visit in Southern Europe.

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