The BYOB Lab: An Online Academy to Help You Be Your Own Boss

The BYOB Lab is an online academy allowing you to be your own boss so that you can escape the regular 9 to 5 working lifestyle and work from anywhere, anytime.

Due to COVID-19, many have gotten a chance to practice the term ‘work from home’ to the fullest. Before the pandemic, people were hesitant to work as a freelancer or from home. Even the employers were quite skeptical before this year. However, the situation forced everyone to adapt to the changing times and this led to the evolution of working from home in Pakistan. Jumping on the bandwagon, The BYOB Lab – which stands for ‘be your own boss’ – is teaching you to be free from the regular 9 to 5 job.

Founded by two young entrepreneurs, Ali Shan Shalwani and Afreen Mansoor, this startup is incubated at The Nest I/O with hopes of making freelancing much easier and common. These two entrepreneurs started The BYOB Lab to help others escape that 9 to 5 office work life and become much more flexible.

A little introduction about the founders of The BYOB Lab:

Ali Shan Shalwani

Ali Shan Shalwani is a blogger & a digital marketer who has been working for different companies and brands across Pakistan and worldwide. He was previously working 9-5 but is now on a mission to create awareness about how the power of social media can be used to generate different income sources revenues so people can attain financial freedom.

Afreen Mansoor

Afreen Mansoor is a freelancing coach who has helped people start their freelancing businesses from scratch. She went against the norm after leaving her corporate job in 2018 to work from home. She now is on a mission to make ‘work from home’ the new normal so people can attain financial, location and time freedom, and eventually be their own boss!

The courses The BYOB Lab is offering are related to freelancing, making income online, personal branding, blogging and more that have to do with being your own boss. The best part about the courses and programs is that they are completely online, so one can learn in the comfort of their home! Current courses include:

Freedom with Fiverr: a 4-week online coaching program to help people start and grow on Fiverr. 80+ graduates.
Freelancing Weekend Bootcamp: coming soon

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