The Exams are Just Around the Corner

Well, its the end of semester for many and few of us take exams to our heart. Which is good, but is it healthy? And well, the consequences of failing scares the hell out of students.

Well, exams are just around the corner, and the tough time is about to begin. Students at University level are usually carefree when it comes to exams because they know they can manage. But at times they fail to do so. And their failed ‘time management’ either leads to failure or bad marks. This is something that students should realize. If we take it slowly and gradually we might make it till the end. But the argument, that is given, is not invalid . Not the whole course is taught in the beginning and a student can’t just study from the beginning of the semester. 

However, parents on the other hand should realize that kids do try their level best. No one likes to fail. No one likes to get left behind. We all want to excel and we all want to see our loved one’s proud. We all try hard to pass each and every exam. Students know their pace of learning new stuff. And if we do fail. Don’t give up on us. Students require parent’s support always. And if parents give up on them, it is hard for them to keep that pace that they had earlier. It is really important for the parents to realize, University life isn’t about studies only. There are several things that play their part, individually, to shape a person from a layman to an educated human being. Where few are good and few aren’t.

Give your kids some space and trust them. They are going to make it one day. Don’t give up on them. Give them space and help them out. They are humans at the end of the day. As funny as it might be but A Single Sheet of Paper Can’t Decide Your Future’.

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