IU Genzer: Post Event Highlights

IU Genzer revived Main Campus by its lit event. Auto show, pet show, art exhibition, and a crazy music festival left everyone grooving till the end. Endless entertainment that ended with a bang, it was good enough to make us remember for long.

IU Genzer, an event full of fun and many activities. It was an evening to remember, as there were many activities to keep everyone entertained. It was organized by students of Event Management course supervised by Hamza J. Sheikh. He trained them really well and under his supervision, they all performed their best.

It was a pleasant evening; the entrance process was quite smooth. Upon entering, you could see the empty lot which was booked for the Auto Show and the food stalls on the right preparing for the day. I reached on time and the event was about to start. I explored the art gallery that had been set up by the students. The work was tremendous and plausible.

Moving on to the pet section, the main attraction were the reptiles. There was a huge snake and a baby crocodile which I thought was absolutely adorable. There were huskies and also some punched face Persian cats. Reptiles were getting all the attention as people wanted to hold them and take a picture with them. It’s not very common, hence the attention.

Now the time for Auto Show came. All the owners/stuntmen started entering with their cars and performed some stunts. They drifted and the audience went crazy. Everyone started filming and hooting and that gave the drivers even more confidence, and they performed to give their best. Then came the bikers with their bikes to show their moves and again, the crowd just couldn’t be controlled.

The music festival was about to begin and it kick-started with some performances including beatboxing. Moved onto different bands playing for the crowd, it was packed and everyone was ready to groove. I’m sure everyone was eagerly waiting for the DJs to start performing at this point and slowly the pace was set. The mixes played by every DJ were amazing and perfect to set the mood for the evening. The crowd started jumping and dancing but nothing was out of order.

There was a surprise at the end as we got to experience Hamza’s performance for the audience. Truly a man with a melodious voice. The event ended with some fireworks and that was pretty much how it went. There was ample security and everything was made sure to be kept under control. The team was available everywhere and managing things very efficiently. Kudos to Hamza and his team of incredible youngsters for pulling this off. A special thanks to Iqra University for making this dream come true.

IU Genzer
Hamza J Sheikh Performing

IU Genzer

I, on behalf of Runway Pakistan & Billboard Pakistan, feel very proud to be a part of IU Genzer. It was a successful event and the hype was justified.

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