The Film “Javed Iqbal” Now Known As “Kukri” Is Being Resubmitted For Eid-ul-Fitr

The film is once again gone for review by the censor board. If it is accepted, Kukri will be shown in theatres during Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Azha.

The film, Javed Iqbal,  On its way to the big screen, encountered a lot of roadblocks, but filmmaker Abu Aleeha isn’t giving up. He changed the title of the movie to Kukri before preparing and submitting it for the censor board’s clearance again. Within a couple of months, the film will be shown if it is accepted.

“We are resubmitting the film after incorporating their suggestions, which include changing the name, etc. Javed Iqbal’s new name is “Kukri.”

Aleeha clarified that the title Kukri was altered from Javed Iqbal in honour of his writings. Javed Iqbal’s nickname was “Kukri,” he said. He was nicknamed that moniker in his community and by friends due to his sitting position.

The movie was originally 90 minutes long, but with the additions, it is now 105 minutes. There is an addition of exactly 15 minutes and the film is being sent to the censor board in Ramazan, within a week,” according to Aleeha. “InshaAllah we will receive good news and as soon as it passes the censor board’s check, we will put the film on display between the choti Eid and bari Eid.”

The debut of Kukri was initially scheduled for October 2021, but it was postponed since the censor boards were still reviewing it. Because of an increase in Covid-19 instances, December also turned out to be unlucky for the movie’s release. After that, the premiere date was moved up to January 28, 2022.

The movie’s Karachi premiere, which took place at Nueplex Cinema on January 25, 2022, after the new release date had been set, was visited by the cast, crew, and other representatives of the entertainment world. The director announced on Twitter the very following day that the Government of Punjab has stopped the movie from opening in theatres.

It had its international premiere at a conference in the United Kingdom and was also chosen for the Berlin International Art Film Festival. Aleeha had previously stated that he intended to release an uncut version of the movie on an OTT platform and that a sequel is also in the works and will be released in cinemas this summer.

The inquiry into serial killer Javed Iqbal, who murdered 100 young boys in Lahore and supplied proof of his crimes to the police and media in 1999, served as the basis for the movie Kukri. The film’s screenplay was also produced by the director, Aleeha. Producer Javed Ahmed Kakepoto is responsible for it.

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