This Strawberry Ice-cream Will Be a Holy Grail This Ramadan

Here is a recipe perfect for the Ramadan days where after Iftar you crave desserts all you need are strawberries, milk, and cream are all you need!

Ice cream, and then some more ice cream, is the only way to beat the summer heat. Yet, we rarely have to run to the shop to buy it. Making ice cream at home is straightforward when utilising fresh fruit and basic ingredients. And an ice cream machine is not even necessary.

Offering a simple strawberry ice cream recipe that just calls for a few widely accessible ingredients. Like the several ice cream recipes I’ve provided earlier with you, you can prepare this one on your own and wow anyone with your culinary skills.

You can adjust the number of strawberries and evaporated milk offered based on your preferences. More strawberries can be added for a fruitier flavour, and more condensed milk can be used for extra sweetness. Nevertheless, do not add sugar; it will not have the same rich flavour as condensed milk. And yes, before adding any of these two ingredients, you may always sample the completed blended mixture to see if it tastes good.

Now let’s stop droning on and start talking about the recipe instead of me.


  1. 350 ml of cream (2 packets)
  2. strawberries, 350g
  3. strawberries, 100g (for topping)
  4. Condensed milk, 200 ml.
  5. 1 tsp. strawberry flavouring
  6. A tiny bit of red food colouring

How to make the Strawberry Icecream

1. Strawberry leaves should be removed. To produce around 1/3 cup of crushed strawberries, take 100g of strawberries and cut them into small pieces. Set apart.

2. The leftover strawberries can be placed in a hand-blender jar or food processor, as I did. The strawberries have now been pureed.

3. The cream should be electric-beaten until it is white and frothy in a large mixing dish. In contrast to icing, you don’t need to beat it stiff. The beaten cream will now receive the strawberry puree. Condensed milk, strawberry flavour, and red food colouring should be added. Use the electric beater to thoroughly blend it.

4. Next, using the electric mixer one more for minute, scrape the bottom and sides with a scraper to remove any remaining ingredients.

5. The chopped strawberries will now be added. Put the contents in the container you will use to freeze them. It ought to have a secure lid.

6. Seal the container tightly after placing a piece of cling film carefully so that it touches the mixture’s top and fully covers it to eliminate any air. The cling film aids in keeping the ice cream from freezing.

7. Refrigerate for at least one day or until completely solid. Add some freshly cut strawberries on top before serving, and voila!

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