The Newest Emerging Trend: Foodscaping

For many people, they tend to buy their fruits and vegetables from grocery stores. However, this article explores a new trend called foodscaping.

Normally people buy their food from grocery stores. Much of the food products they consume are produced by farmers. However, a recent trend has emerged where people are taking control of what they eat. The new trend is called foodscaping.

Foodscaping is a trend in which private or public property is used to grow food. It has become a unique way of self sustaining one’s diet. People have complete control over what they grow and in the process, have complete control over the quality of their produce.

Foodscaping is one way for people to grow organic food by themselves. (Source: Be Well Buzz)


It is also seen as huge way of cutting down costs. By spending more time growing our own produce, we are saving more cost by spending less of it on groceries. The practice was quite common during the peak years of the 2008 Global Recession. However, since then the trend has been on a massive increase.

Some of the things that are grown include nut trees, fruit trees, tropical vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants. The entire process is ecological as it helps foster environmental growth, which is the complete opposite case in commercial farming. Foodscaping can also help make one’s garden vary attractive. By growing different types of plants, you can make the garden look even more colourful.

Foodscaping is one way to make your garden colourful. (Source: Montreal Gazette)


Some of the most popular forms of crops that are grown include; cherry trees, apple trees, high bush blueberries, raspberries, black choke-berries and black elder-berries. The entire concept of foodscaping is enormously becoming one of the biggest trends in the western world.

Hence, it will not comes as no surprise that it will become immensely popular in other corners of the globe, especially Pakistan. The activity is one way for people to combat the ever growing food prices in the country and is also a great means of having control over the food quality that one produces.

Foodscaping is a great way of helping to reduce costs. (Source: Homestead Gardens)
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