The Unjustified Rates of Uber and Careem

The comfort and somewhat security does not justify the high rates of Uber and Careem, regardless of the fares & the regular ‘offs’.

Uber and Careem have been in to the transportation market for quite a long time now. People were really excited when first Careem was launched in Pakistan, which was followed by Uber. As both services were provided by international countries, people blindly trusted them, until cases of harassments and frauds came up, making people quite aware. Their rates were reasonable when these initially, however, now they’ve increased the price APART from the peak factor.

A ride that charged 200-300rs/trip, around month or two ago, now the same route costs 500-550rs/trip, and if we book a ride during rush hours. OMG. Seedhi Ghurbat. Even if the peak factor is at its basic, i.e 1.2, it is 660rs/trip aur bhai yeh to bohat he zyada hai. Uber, however, is slightly less costly than Careem, and more reliable too. Careem on the other hand bluffs a lot which is not at all acceptable. Their fares at the end of the ride are much higher than what they display at the beginning of the ride, and Peak factor exceeds the price, making the ride even more costly.

On the contrary, now Uber has bought Careem but with the same team and same personnel, we think it is not going to effect the services that were provided by Careem, nonetheless we hope that is not the case in future.

What are your views over this?