TikTok Famous Hareem Shah Get Protective Bail For Seven Days

Hareem Shah was not abducted. Instead, she got into matrimony by free will with Zaheer. They are instructed to provide an Rs. 25,000 cash surety.

The Sindh High Court dismissed an application on Monday from a man who got married to a minor from Karachi and sought contempt charges against the arresting officer and prosecutor general of Sindh for pursuing criminal charges for an accused kidnapping notwithstanding court orders.

A single-judge panel presided over by Justice Salahuddin Panhwar rejected the application for lack of maintainability after hearing from both sides.

The prosecution and the complainant’s attorney contended that the petition was not viable because the charge sheet for the case had already been submitted and the trial was about to start.

Through his attorney, Zaheer, a native of Lahore, claimed that the girl, Hareem Shah, had entered into free-will matrimony with him on April 17 in Lahore. He was named as the primary suspect in the kidnapping complaint filed at the Al-Falah police station by Hareem Shah’s father, though.

The applicant’s attorney cited two Sindh High Court division bench rulings and claimed that on June 6 and June 8, the Sindh High Court had documented the girl’s oath testimony in which Hareem Shah refused to be abducted. The bench then stated that it appeared that no case of suspected kidnapping was made out. Hareem had been given freedom by the court to choose whether she wanted to live with or go along with someone.

He added that since the petitioner was permitted to contest the girl’s ossification test and report, the girl’s father had challenged the Sindh High Court’s June 8 ruling to the Supreme Court, which had dismissed the case as not pressing.

The attorney claimed that the Sindh High Court’s findings and recommendations—which the supreme court upheld—were binding on the lower courts, the prosecutor general, and the investigator of the case. However, they were determined to hold the applicant criminally liable and to indict his family members, which amounted to blatant disobedience and was therefore contemptible.

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