Today’s Twitter Trend: #StayAtHomeSaveLives

#StayAtHomeSaveLives has been generated to raise awareness regarding social distancing and how it can actually save the lives of thousands around you.

There’s no vaccine or cure for coronavirus. Hence, we’re bound to take all the precautions. If we don’t take it seriously then we may face our doom too, just like Italy. There’s no other way to stop covid-19 from spreading other than washing hands and staying at home. A total lockdown will help in preventing us all and so Twitteratis have started a new trend – #StayAtHomeSaveLives.

#StayAtHomeSaveLives means practicing social distancing, to be exact. While the vaccines are being developed and tested, we can save ourselves and others too, just by being home. Many countries, including Pakistan, are experiencing a complete lockdown. It’s the only way to prevent people from going out and becoming potential carriers that may spread the virus even more.

One of the tweets said:

“Six feet apart or six feet under? Choose wisely!”

It really got me to think about this whole pandemic. The importance of staying home and practicing social distancing is being focused upon on every social media platform but there are some who do not abide by this simple rule. There have been over 470 people caught in Sindh during the lockdown because a huge chunk of the population either does not care or doesn’t believe in coronavirus.

How Can We Stay Safe?

As mentioned above, there’s no cure for coronavirus yet but we have information about how it spreads. Keep washing your hands before and after touching anything that you’re unsure of. Make sure to wear a mask, gloves and be fully clothed while going out. Maintain a distance of six feet at least if you’re out and surrounded by people, it’s a safe distance. Try to stay indoors and go out if it’s absolutely necessary. #StayAtHomeSaveLives

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