Tokyo Olympics 2021: Rundown of the Strangest Olympics Games

The closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics 2021 held on Sunday marked the end of the 32nd Olympics game. These games were organized after several challenges.

Olympics Tokyo 2021 came to an end after almost 2 weeks of competition in 33 games, for 339 medal events.

Sunday marked an end to the strangest Olympics game in 3 decades. These games were far from what anyone would have expected them to be. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic going on these games were delayed for a whole year and then conducted in Summer 2021, after further delay.

Around 400 cases were recorded while the Olympics was going on and it was peak time for infections in Tokyo in the past 2 weeks, however, they still managed to pull off the games. Pandemic was highlighted throughout the season by the absence of an audience.

The theme of the Olympics closing ceremony was unusual yet somewhat sensible and positive: “Worlds We Share”. The closing ceremony was the accelerate the athletes from all around the world and to let them blow off steam from the past 2 weeks.

The closing ceremony was impeccable from the intricate light routine to the bike stunts. And to close the books of the most peculiar Olympics season the live stream from Paris, the host of Olympics 2024.

Thomas Bach, the President of the International Olympics Committee, thought that the games might be boring and soulless, however, it was everything but that. “You were faster, you went higher, you were stronger because we all stood together in solidarity,” Bach addressed to the Olympians. His address mentioned how this was the first time the world came together between the pandemic, for something other than the virus. These were a ray of hope for several people and were one of the most challenging games to organize.

After Tokyo put out its Olympic flame, fireworks marked the end of the game. After which the Olympics flag was passed on to Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, for the 2024 game. Olympics fans in Paris were seen excited and waving the flag from their hometown. Paris 2024 was promised to be a game for the people, after the empty audience seat game in Tokyo was experienced.

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