Top 2 Movies Currently at the Box Office

Spider-Man and Toy Story 4 are ruling the box office like a boss!

Spider-Man has gained a top position in the box office over the weekend and earned $850 million. Spider-Man shows a post avengers era where the whole apocalypse took place and the responsibility is passed onto the young teenage Spide-Man.

Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home delivered a repeat performance over the weekend which brought in an estimate of $45.3 million. It has gained over $850 million just after 17 days of release. The world changes forever in the Marvel Universe and Spider-Man must take the responsibility to tackle all the threats and eventually save the world with the powers bestowed upon him.

Runner-up position goes to Toy Story 4, fans that have been waiting for the last part ever since the Toy Story 3 had been released, were ecstatic to watch the movie which introduces a new character named ‘Forky’.

Toy Story 4 has gained a second position by earning $346 million after it’s fourth weekend. It has become the fifth largest Pixar release domestically all-time. Forky and the other gang embark on an adventure and meet some long lost friends which leads them to reflect on life as a toy and what they want from it. Overall, it has gained a lot of popularity and stayed on the second in the box office.