Top 5 Breakfast Places On The Go In Karachi

Breakfast has always been a trouble for us, the fact that we have to get up and change into the days wear is a trouble itself and then eating is a big no, since we’re already late and running out of time. So here a list of our top 5 places to get breakfast from on the go.

  • McDonald’s:

The best and the fastest is a drive-thru and what better way than McDonald’s, though the most area in Karachi does not have a drive-thru McDonald’s it is still the best place to get a quick, early and greasy breakfast from. McDonald’s offer a variety of different foods though sometimes their food menus are out of order.

  • Dunkin Dounts:

Dunkin Dounts is the most popular outlet and is found everywhere in Karachi, their dounts are mouthwatering and we all deserve a bit of a sugar rush in the morning, compared to hoe dead we all feel in the early mornings. It takes about 5 minutes or less, so that’s helpful.


  • Subway:

This outlet is mostly open 24/7 which means that no matter what time you have to get to work, these people will always have a place for you in their restarunt. They offer a variety of different kinds of subways and they even have healthy salads for those trying on healthy diets.

  • Dhabas:

What best place to go for desi food then Dhabas, these places are the speciality of Pakistan, and everyone loves to eat from here, kids, adults even grandparents and their chai those are just too damn tasty to not drink. The best part is that these people are always waiting for us, all we have to do is place an order and they’ll bring the food in seconds.

  • United King:

If you don’t want any greasy, fast food chains, you’ll never go wrong with bakery items, the sandwiches, biscuits and other freshly baked goodies. United King offers some of the best Bakery items as compared to others.

  • Butlers:

If you guys still have a bit of time left, try Butlers, they offer a variety of different styles of breakfast platters, that will make your mouth water, they range in different aspects of western breakfasts, with new and distinct varieties.