Top Trending Instagramers In Pakistan

Pakistan is a treasure island that is filled with hidden gems around every corner, beneath every rock and what best place to look for them then Instagram, that is a world of free artistic expression itself, people from different areas and locations post the hidden beauty that lies in Pakistan and beauty of the places that you’d never expect was there. Here’s a list of the few gems that have out shown their talents of photography and crossed their fan following from the border to other countries as well.


  • Irfan Junejo:

Irfan Junejo is a YouTuber and a well known emerging celebrity in Pakistan’s Media Industry, his Instagram following is 135k, and he recently got the little blue tick from Instagram, Congratulations. His Instagram content is fresh and new to one’s eye and his Insta stories are definitely entertaining to everyone. He is one humble human who is always ready to interact with his fans and give them shoutouts. If you aren’t following him then trust us on this and follow him. Irfan Junejo is one hell of an entertainer and we wish him all the best in the future.

  • Noor Unnahar:

One of Pakistan’s emerging writer and an amazing poet, Noor Unar has published a book called ‘Yesterday I Was The Moon’ and ‘Find Your Voice Journal’, her Instagram is aesthetic and filled with her beautiful and uplifting poetry that is too good for words, her Instagram takes on a different adventure every day and so does her Insta stories. Her Youtube account is Do check her out.

  • Ohareeba:

Areeba is the twin sister of Noor Unar and just as amazing, her field of work is art, she has created different artworks, she is most famous for creating an expression of freedom for women of Pakistan especially those in hijab, she has broken through a stereotype of hijab covered females especially youngsters in Pakistan, we might have forgotten to mention that she is a huge Zayn Malik fan. Her Youtube account

  • Mahoor Jamal:

Mahoor Jamal is a Peshawar based Instagrammer, her field of work is Illustration and Fashion Design and she is amazing at it, her Instagram account is an aesthetic work of art. Her work is unique and special in every way and she delivers it the best in her every artwork that she presents online. Her Instagram says it all no words needed

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  • Phaseeh Ul Haque:

Phaseeh is a Journalism Major who currently studies at SZABIST, he is an emerging Instagrammer and his feed is filled with some of the most beautiful and women empowering aesthetics right now, he is the one friend we all want and need, from hyping up his friends to the normal citizens on Pakistan. He recently did a series on ‘Women Of Iron Will’ that is to say he has perfectly captured the beauty that lies in Sindh which is easily forgotten due to the busy life that we lead. Also, his Insta stories are hilarious enough to keep you entertained.

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1/x Mirpurkhas series//women of iron will . Sometime ago, I was presented with the opportunity to travel to interior sindh, to assist my friend and senior on her thesis project. For someone born and raised in this madding megapolis, the idea of interior sindh was a chock full of stereotypes for me- backward mentality, barren land, widespread poverty, lack of progress, lack of education and of course, oppressed, docile women. I won’t lie, it was awful of me to have harboured those stereotypes from hearsay and no real exposure. But what met my eye upon crossing Hyderabad on our way to Tando Alayar & Mirpurkhas seemed almost unreal. I saw lush green mango orchards and glistening fields that spanned into the horizon. I saw huge university campuses a stone’s throw from the fields, campuses big enough to put my own university in the city to shame. (But then again, anything bigger than a chicken coop can give SZABIST a run for its money) I saw diversity in all it’s glory; a verandah where sat women and children from Christian and Hindu communities, cooking together and tittle-tattling over cups of evening tea- with very little to tell them apart but their names. I met women, who covered their faces as they saw me approaching. I also met women who laughed at my urban ways and invited me to their homes. I met women free and independent, so independent that one told me to scram and not even think about uploading her pictures on “facebook” while her husband whose permission we sought stood jaw dropped. Others, rather excitedly told me to quickly take their pictures before their fathers/husbands/brothers return and then giggled at how silly they looked. I saw little girls carrying a 32” LED tv in the back of a rickshaw and I met another girl not too older than me who taught 95 children in a community school in her very verandah. I also met families with barely enough to get by but a riveting sense of community and hospitality. Not all was hunky-dory of course, there was poverty and backward mentality but then again, there was also a lot more than that- a striking fashion sense amongst the women, for instance. #dekhoPakistan

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  • Irfan Khan:

Irfan Khan is an emerging photographer in the world of Pakistan Instagram, and he is just as amazing, he has presented different aesthetics of Pakistan to his followers and wish him all the best and hope to see more of his work in the near future.

Comment down below your favourite Instagrammers of Pakistan, that are in your top list.