Top 5 Horror Movies That You Just Cannot Finish

Halloween is just around the corner, it’s time to binge watch all the horror movies that we can. Netflix has been a safe haven for all of us binge watcher. Here are a few movies on Netflix that has made viewers watch almost 70 percent of the movies before turning them off before finishing them. Here’s our favorite:

  • Veronica:

Veronica a young girl who has recently lost her father tries to summon his spirit from the other side with her friends during a solar eclipse, but lose consciousness and soon it becomes clear that whatever has crossed over from the other side is not her father but an evil demon. The movie is in Spanish yet just as much thrilling as it can get.

  • The Babadook:

The story is about a widow who has recently lost her husband in a violent death, while her son fears a monster that lurks in the books and soon starts to lurk in the darkness of the house and soon around her and her son. A chilling yet thrilling movie to watch.

  • The Witch:

The story is set in the colonial New England, the austere film follows a family that is outcast from a strict religious community and trying to make it on their own at the edge of a deep, dark wood. the story revolves around the witch-fearing folklore of the era at face value, watching the family disintegrate under the insidious influence of a nearby witch. It’s a slow-burn horror movie, light on shocks, heavy on unease, and thematically rich in ways that only become apparent later.

  • Raw:

The story revolves around a young vegetarian girl Justine, who is forced to eat a rabbit liver that is a ritual ina vet school, that ritual gradually transforms her into a carnivore (away from the principles that she bounds herself by) desperate to fit in, she eats raw meat for the first time. The young woman soon experiences terrible and unexpected consequences as her true self-begins to emerge. It’s not easy to watch that is unless you actually like such movie genres or are willing to take up such a dare.

  • Children Of The Corn:

The story is based on a novel by Stephen King, Children Of The Corn is about young children who sacrifice the local adults and passerby to ensure a plentiful corn harvest. They act on the whims of “He who walks behind the rows,” a mysterious, bloodthirsty deity. The film’s become something of a cult classic, spawning eight sequels, but time has not lessened how terrifying it is to see seemingly innocent kids become bloodthirsty serial killers. Watch f you dare.

Let us know about your favorite movies that we might have missed out.