Top 7 Affordable Nail Polishes

We narrowed down 7 affordable nail polish brands that you can find in Pakistan.

Accessories are always a crucial part of anybody’s outfit, but if you think about it so is your nail color.

So whether you get your nails done at the salon, or simply buy nail polish at the store, keep in mind that the look of your mani ideally depends on the nail polish itself. The formula, the type – gel based, matt finish, metallic, and of course the price.

Its just another day at the Runway Pakistan office, and from our stash we picked out 7 nail polish brands that are not only good quality-wise, but affordable too. Because guess what, these brands listed below retail at prices below Rs. 500! Some for less than Rs. 200, some for about Rs. 350, you get the picture.

Keep scrolling, because we’ve got information. And please, do appreciate our efforts in trying to make the pictures look as aesthetically pleasing as we could.


Miniso Water-based Nail Polish

We picked out one of Miniso’s water-based nail polish, in a pink shade. The formula was actually great considering we thought we’d have to end up putting a double coat. But there was no need, because despite being a water-based nail color, its got a thick consistency.

And hey, its also a peel-off. So if you’re not feeling it after a day or two its pretty easy to get it off.


L.A Colors Color Craze

To be precise we picked shade number 506, in a neonish green. This is not your day today, nude colors.

This definite color craze will add a pop to your outfit, and if you believe that the little things brighten up your day, then trust that this bright color will lift up your spirits.

Also, the formula consists of a nail hardening solution – a treatment that helps strengthen weak nails. But just so you know, we had to put a double coat because the formula was light. Don’t shy away from this color though, its cute.


Catrice Beavis & Mud-head

Browns and nudes are always going to be timeless shades. Catrice’s Beavis & Mud-head is one of the perfect brown shades you’ll find – it compliments any outfit really.

Though the formula is such that you will need to put a double coat to get that rich brown color. We tried on one coat because that faded shade looked great too.


Jacky & Lauren Metallic Nail Polish

Metallic makeup has made a comeback and its only fair that metallic nail colors would be back in fashion too. So we tried on Jacky & Lauren’s Metallic nail color – with a rose gold tint.

Its so pretty, so if you’re somebody who is not fond of bold colors but still wants to dabble in the metallic category, this is the one.

And its formula is ideal. One coat and you’re good to go!


Wet n Wild Wild Shine

nail color

A pink-ish nude shade, perfect for a soft look be it day or night. And you can continue to wear this summery shade into the fall season. A lot of us are not about the bold or metallic colors and that’s okay.

Wet n Wild have always had a good consistency in their nail color formulas so 10/10 would obviously recommend this one.


Medora Red Range Shade

nail color

Medora is probably the oldest names you must’ve heard of with regards to makeup, while growing up in Pakistan. And they have A LOT of shades in red.

We chose a bright red shade and a lot of you may think it looks like a ‘dulhan wala rung’, but guys it looks too cute. You could have long nails, small nails, whatever. This gel based red shade is so fetch – if you know you know.


COVERGIRL Sapphire Flare

nail color

This dark, midnight blue glossy shade is probably one of the best out there. If you like experimenting with dark shades then you should give this one a try.

It only takes one coat to get that brilliant, long lasting shine. So good formula consistency right there. And oh, it comes with a top-coat integrated solution.



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