Top 8 Must Visit Pavilions at Dubai EXPO 2020

Dubai EXPO 2020 is all the hype right now, with people taking off to visit the much-awaited EXPO 2020. Here is a list of pavilions, which are a must-visit.

Have you seen all the magical videos of the Expo 2020 pavilions all over social media?

Vacation in Dubai is all the rage right now especially due to EXPO 2020. And the good news is the EXPO will end on 31st March 2022, so there is still time to plan your trip to the City of Skyscrapers.

The EXPO has around 200 pavilions out of which 191 are of countries that participated in the exhibition. Each pavilion tells a different story, pavilions bought by countries tell stories and show the culture of the country and the pavilions bought by businesses tell stories of their business and products like one pavilion is bought by Lays in collaboration with Pepsi. The extensive list makes finding worthwhile pavilions hard to find so this article will help you with planning your EXPO 2022 visit.

So if you are planning a visit to EXPO 2020, you need to visit these pavilions first.

1. Pakistan Pavilion, Dubai EXPO 2020

This pavilion is a proud moment for us Pakistanis, it is one of the most visited pavilions in EXPO 2020. The pavilion’s success and the pavilion itself were very unexpected however it is a magnificent one.

Pakistan’s pavilion shows how beautiful yet underrated Pakistan actually is. The colorful exterior itself is inviting enough. But the pavilion from inside shows how rich Pakistani culture and history are. It also gives people a glimpse of Pakistan’s natural beauty mixed with its culture encouraging people to go discover the hidden gem, which is Pakistan, themselves.

Pakistan Dubai EXPO 2020

2. Japan Pavilion, Dubai EXPO 2020

Japan’s pavilion is one of the most humble and minimal pavilions, but don’t go on its look because the experience in this pavilion is better than any other pavilion at the EXPO. The pavilion is inspired by Japan’s most popular art form, Origami.

The impression of heritage and revolution in this pavilion leaves will make you want to visit the country right away, along with that the ambiance of the pavilion is notable. Visitors loved this the most and it gives visitors not only the sense of revolution and heritage of Japan but also gives a sensory experience. If you have time for only one pavilion, you should opt for this one definitely.

Japan Dubai EXPO 2020

3. Jamaican Pavilion, Dubai EXPO 2020

Jamaican Pavilion is full of culture and funky with yellow, green, and red. It is one of the coolest pavilions in the EXPO. The pavilion’s theme is “The riddim that moves and connects the world”.

The pavilion is full of music giving away Caribbean vibes and represents a bunch of sportsmen and celebrities who are from the country. While you’re at the pavilion, you can even enjoy some Jamaican coffee with condensed milk, like how Jamaicans like it.

Dubai EXPO 2020

4. Saudi Arabia Pavilion, Dubai EXPO 2020

Saudi Arabia’s famous food chain, Al Baik has been the talk of the EXPO. The country has recently started opening up to tourists and now is the time to discover the hidden treasures of this Middle Eastern country.

The pavilion’s exterior is a huge screen mirror that is also interactive. At night the mirror reflects the 8000 LED lights which are on the floor beneath the mirror, the light has patterns that look magnificent on the mirror and on the floor. The pavilion experience takes the visitors inside the vibrant and rich culture of Saudi Arabia. They have a number of installations to intrigue the visitors and a huge screen which broadcasts several regions of the country.

Dubai EXPO 2020

5. UAE Pavilion, Dubai EXPO 2020

UAE being the host of the EXPO 2020 made sure that their pavilion was the most extravagant one out of them all and they understood the assignment.

The exterior is inspired by a falcon and they have wings on the outside but these wings close down at night but still manage to look as magnificent as it does with wings open. This pavilion really depicts the culture of UAE and you can even watch an animated short movie in cinema made inside the pavilion. The UAE pavilion will give you a very futuristic and minimalistic vibe.

Dubai EXPO 2020

6. Russia Pavilion, Dubai EXPO 2020

The Russian pavilion is unmissable with rainbow-colored rings on a dome-shaped pavilion. The architect of the Russian pavilion went for the theme of Russia being a completely different planet. One Russian dome is inside another, which represents the traditional Russian Matryoshka (a Russian doll). And at night it looks like the rainbow-colored doms are spinning.

The pavilion has educational activities and talks about the brain, yes the human brain like the one you read about in Biology.

Dubai EXPO 2020

7. Republic of South Korea, Dubai EXPO 2020

Squid Game fans, K-pop, and K-drama fans were the most excited about this pavilion. And if you are a fan of anything Korean especially Squid Game, you will find similarities there. The pavilion has 1500 spinning cubes which are illuminated at night.

The pavilion has a connectivity and strength theme. In the pavilion, you’ll have to go through narrow corridors and it ends at a vertical cinema that will be showing a Korean short film which you can watch laying down on massive pillows.

Dubai EXPO 2020

8. Luxembourg Pavilion, Dubai EXPO 2020

Luxembourg is one of the most interesting and visually pleasing pavilions. They even came up with an alternative to walking for the visitors. To represent the concept of openness, they have designed the whole pavilion with mirrors and transparent surfaces and is shaped as Möbius ribbon.

And if you are not in the mood of going downstairs due to all the walking in previous pavilions or are in the mood for something adventurous, you can take a slide that takes you to the ground floor of the pavilion.

Dubai EXPO 2020

Some other great pavilions you can visit are Belgium, Switzerland, Alif Pavilion and there is one by Lays which is a must-visit if you are planning a trip to Dubai and EXPO 2020.

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