Top Three Unkown Destinations You Must See!

Why you should go to the least visited places in the world?

Some of the most magnificent places on Earth are unexplored. There are few to no tourist in such places. Moreover, even the population is very low. Packing a bag and booking a flight to a place you know little about might seem a bit strange and boring but it will be one of a kind of an experience, you’ll infuse the journey with a sense of wonder. That, after all, is what travel is for.
1. Tuvalu
With more than 100 tiny islands scattered across the South Pacific, the country of Tuvalu is among the world’s most isolated nations. Only the main island, Funafuti, has an airport. From there, travelers continue to other communities. Free from the crowds that fill beaches in popular destinations like Fiji, these islands are an untouristed haven where you can watch flying fish skim the water, spend a lazy afternoon in a hammock or snorkel candy-hued coral reefs.

2. Kiribati
Neighbouring Fiji as relatively close at 1,394 miles away, only few travelers make the journey here. Those that do, however, will be treated to a rich tradition of hospitality. Many visitors even secure an invitation to a traditional feast. If you’re lucky enough to attend, you might see dancers in pandanus skirts, listen to drums beating out a traditional rhythm then dine on breadfruit, taro and sprouted coconut.

3. Niue
Niue is a small island nation in the South Pacific Ocean. From July through October, humpback whales use Niue as a warm water nursery, lolling close enough to the island to be spotted from shore. During those months, the sound of the whales’ songs and slapping tails can be heard above the sea breeze. Visitors can even join trained guides to swim with the humpback whales, one of the few places on earth where it’s possible!