Those Who Value Health & Wellness, Choose Core Karachi

A couple of years ago when Core opened its doors to the fitness buffs and dummies alike of Karachi, it created all the rage, bringing us the luxuries of the first world in the sphere of fitness. It was never just about the workout but creating a lifestyle of quality experiences for the humans of Core in a space designed with superior aesthetics by the best of the best – Najmi Bilgrami, the genius.


We can safely declare how Core introduced a breakthrough gym culture which has truly been multidimensional, gifting the city with many new forms of internationally acclaimed workouts like TRX Suspension, Stability Ball and Indoor Cycling, generously allotting dedicated spaces for each like a spacious, barre style strength-training room and an enviously sleek spinning studio – other than the ultra-modern, high-tech equipment & tools it offers for cardiovascular and resistance training, equally, including that one-of-a-kind power rack corner.


Bloggers and editors at large got talking mostly about the panoramic view of the coastal city Core offered from the 14th floor as each of us thoroughly enjoyed being tucked in the sky, ever so luxuriously while sculpting ourselves to lean by the day. Even though I am good with the place being known for this attribute, I say there’s a hell lot more to Core that sets it apart and in multifold at that.


For instance, like most members, I love enjoying a few bites n sips with that killer view from their cozy much cafeteria as it offers clean, replenishing meals, snacks and beverages at remarkably affordable prices. Yes, you won’t get a Mediterranean Omelet with multigrain bread anywhere else for as less as within Rs.700/-


Speaking of common perceptions, Core comes off as a celebrity gym – and true be that! But with it comes the notion of being filthy expensive – which, it’s not; at all. If you’re serious about holistically improving your fitness, then there’s one package or the other to suit your needs – and your pockets, at Core. Bull’s eye value for your bucks is the least I can put it as. Really!


To us it’s a health and wellness sanctuary where we’ve managed to have found a well-knit community and genuinely seek pleasure in building each other as we often find ourselves deciphering various exercises together and ensuring our co-members perform better than before, alongside us. The credit of this synergy and incredible support system absolutely goes to Core’s team of esteemed trainers as they’ve instilled in us the essence of achieving goals and growing together. The vastly learned trainers provide us with comprehensive fitness assessment and the walks us through the bare basics of nutritious eating habits that proves to be truly beneficial for us to get closer to our desired results and optimum health overall. The fun loaded group classes bring us together that much more. Needless to say, we hang out at the cafeteria right after, sharing our energy drinks and protein bars, exchanging healthy eating and muscle building ideas.

Today, Core continues to boast of the following:

  1. Recently introduced aerial yoga led by the truly knowledgeable Kehkashan Nadeem – a sought after name in the yoga community for the past 15 years
  2. Wide variety of group classes to suit everyone’s temperament and fitness level; what’s more… the forms taught are seriously unique and majorly enjoyable – think resistance training in a TRX suspension class! Yum.
  3. Indoor Cycling class led by the co-owner Adnan Gandhi is my absolute favorite as its beyond exhilarating – I look forward to this one like a kid excited to dive in a chilled pool in her summer break
  4. Among the more technical benefits there’s full lockers and superb shower facility for you
  5. A wider range of entrées and ace international snack brands added to the menu at the café
  6. Whopping discounts for the folks employed at any of the offices in the Ocean Tower – join this awesome gym in your building already!
  7. You get to befriend hotshot celebs 😉 only if you like, that is – kidding (not)
  8. Far from any spic n span gym – it’s a social hub, hell-bent upon equipping you with all that’s ever needed to live life at your optimum health & wellness