Torpedo by Al Rehman Trading Corporation

Torpedo, a product of Al Rehman Trading Corporation, is one of the best motor oils with numerous variants available in the market.

Al-Rehman Trading Corporation (ATC) was established with the aim of becoming the best service provider in town. They’ve been in Karachi since August 2014 and have their registered office here as well.

The company is committed to bringing continuous improvement, maintaining high standards of reliability & quality, and meeting customer’s requirements through strong supply chain methodology.

ATC is spreading its strength to move towards being a complete lubricant solution. The company is well equipped with professionals having decades of industry experience and expertise, who work tirelessly day and night to bring you the best of the best products. The company is established in the light of corporate objectives of bringing in unmatched quality products that suits the needs of everyone.

Torpedo caters to the retail & industry sectors with guaranteed quality as it is checked at each and every stage of storage and filling. Hence, the reason why each product is guaranteed to meet the highest standards of quality. Integrity, valuing team, passion and excellence are their core values.


  • Torpedo Motorcycle Engine Oil API SG/CD 20W-50:
    Anti-wear & anti-oxidant properties, promotes engine cleanliness, fuel economy & better cold starting, prolong engine life.
  • Torpedo Petrol Engine Oil Superior Eco API SG/CD 20W-50:
    Exceptional engine clean-up, provide excellent protection in efficient passenger car engines
  • Torpedo Superior Power Gold Diesel Engine Oil API CF4/SAE 20W-50:
    TBN retention, keep engine clean, enhanced engine life
  • Torpedo Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil API:CI4/SJ SAE 15W-40:
    Provides easier initial start-up under low temperature, fuel cost-saving, and long service life.
  • Torpedo ATF DX-III
  • Torpedo MP Gold GL-5 80W-90
  •  Torpedo SM ECO T-20 Motor Oil- Multigrade:
    Provides long drain interval, low oil consumption, Fuel economy & better cold starting
  • Torpedo Hydraulic Oil AW-68:
    Provides superior anti-wear, anti-foam, anti-rust, oxidation & corrosion protection
  • Torpedo General Purpose Oil:
    Suitable for turbocharged and supercharged diesel engines, effectively controls wear & deposits, protects against rust & corrosion.


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