Total Deaths from Covid 19 exceeds 24000 in Pakistan.

The number of Covid 19 cases are increasing rapidly and the death toll is 24,000. What action do you think the government should take in this situation?

Covid 19 has been slowly increasing in Pakistan and the country has not done much about this situation. The current positivity rate is 7.5%, which is higher than ever before. There have been 80 deaths in the last 24 hours. It is shocking that the death toll is 24000. This shows how badly we are dealing with this covid situation and that changes need to be made.

When Covid 19 first came to Pakistan, every one was scared. The entire Sindh was in a complete lockdown for a month. The Pakistani Government had never taken anything more seriously, so it came as a shock to everyone.


After the lockdown reopened last year, everyone felt so free that they couldn’t imagine going back to the lockdown. There was also a big drop in the number of Covid 19 cases, so it seemed safe to go outside. Things were normal for a few months, but then the cases started to rise. Not much was done about it, and so it continued. Everything reopened, imports and exports resumed.
The number of cases skyrocketed, and more and more people died. This caught the government’s eye and they tried to impose a curfew, which didn’t work because people didn’t want to go back into their homes. With the lockdown many shops had to close, some had a set closing time and all the public houses were forced to close. Gradually, restraunts started to have outside seating, which meant that people started to meet more often. Covid 19 had gradually made a return and there was a second and third wave, in a span of a few months.

How did covid-19 impact the economy ?

When the first lockdown was enforced, people started loosing their jobs, people had no source of income to support their families. All international trades, imports and exports, travelling and businesses had been paused. The economy had been at its lowest state, the unemployment rate had been off the charts and local shops started going out of business. Covid 19 had caused Pakistans economy to sink completely.

Whilst there was a huge decrease in the economy, Pakistani citizens were safe and the death toll wasn’t high. Even though Pakistans economy was at its worst, the lockdown kept covid from spreading. As soon at the lockdown was lifted things slowly started getting back on track. The economy was improving and businesses were opening up again. Although majority of the schools remained closed and chose to do classes online through zoom.

Should there be no lockdown, so the economy isn’t affected ?

That’s a very popular thought, should there be no lockdown just to get the economy going again. Well, all things have their consequences. If there is no lockdown, no one is safe, and that will increase the number of cases and deaths. Covid 19 has made it extremely difficult to keep us safe. Even though the economy is very important, the lives of the citizens are more important. There should be a strict lockdown to make sure no one leaves their home!

Recently, the government tried to enforce a lockdown, but it did not work, and it only lasted a few weeks. It has become almost impossible to keep everyone in their homes. People do not want to lose their jobs again or see their businesses go under. If we want the death toll to drop and there to be fewer Covid 19 cases, a lockdown needs to be enforced immediately so that everyone is safe and things can go back to the way they were, without any risk.

Overall, I feel that Covid 19 cases have skyrocketed and a lockdown should be imposed. Even if there’s a major lockdown, the government should help people in need who’ve no source of income. Recently, many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and agencies have been making efforts to help people get back on their feet and provide them with money and food. It’s impossible to feed hundreds of thousands of people. In this case, the government should do its part and take care of the people who’re not stable and need help.

So what do you think ?

Should there be another month-long lockdown in Sindh or should the situation remain as it is now? Leave your responses below !

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