Ukhano Got Exposed and Here’s How He Responds

He has been accused by multiple women who have shared their experiences.

A girl exposed Ukhano, a famous Pakistani Youtuber who has allegedly been harassing girls over the internet. Many other came and talked about it and supported her while sharing their own experience. He’s been using his fame to talk to girls and even to fans that come up to him and just try to have a casual talk. The girls claimed that he made them feel uncomfortable by asking inappropriate questions.

Many girls came out and talked about their experiences, they shared what they faced. Everyone shared almost the same thing which was that he used to ask a series of questions, more like a rapid fire session. That is how he used to start and things used to escalate pretty quickly and his casual ‘rapid fire’ was a way to ask inappropriate questions.


He replied to all of these allegations in a one minute video on Instagram saying that all of the allegations are false.

It takes a lot of courage to speak up against harassment. There’s just so much trauma and guilt that comes with it. The guilt shouldn’t even be there because it’s not the victim’s fault. In these cases, girls often don’t come out and talk because of fear; fear of victim blaming. It’s high time that we should expose such people who misuse their fame and treat girls like a ‘sexual object’. One girl even claimed that he allegedly tried to rape her.

This society has not given any proper platform to girls to talk and speak up about such cases and has suppressed them, but we’ve had enough of it. We need to support victims and make them feel like they have a platform to speak and talk about how they feel.