Are Social Media Influencers Taking over the World?

Influencer marketing has gained so much popularity in the recent years.

A few years ago if somebody asked whether you know what an online influencer is then I’m sure many of us would have not been able to really understand it means. Influencer marketing has become very popular as word of mouth is what people really believe in. Influencers have gained popularity due to social media; they have used this powerful tool and made themselves millions of dollars just by creating content that is engaging.

Social media no doubt is so influential but how is an influencer made? When can you call yourself an influencer? I guess you can say that an influencer is a person who is able to influence a person with their opinions and content. If people like you as a person and also like the content that you upload then they automatically start following your footsteps. They would want to do the same thing as you. This is especially very common in the youth.

Let’s say that you have a huge following and you have really good skin. People would want to know your skincare routine so that they can achieve the same skin and look just as good as you do. This is very common and then brands started sponsoring content, they pay to the influencers to talk about their products so that people would go and buy it.

Influencers are becoming very popular and as I’ve mentioned above, people actually follow them and listen to them. The good influencers are the ones who always recommend good products and things to people. They actually want to benefit their followers and don’t really give priority to the deals that they are getting in return. If they don’t like any product then they will be honest and upfront about it.

The thing is that these influencers are only famous because of the internet but what if the internet stops working one day? It does seem quite impossible as these days as the internet has become so common, without it life almost feels incomplete but, there’s always a possibility of ‘what if?’ and that is what we’re questioning over here.

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