UN Ambassador to Pakistan Changed

Out of the blue, the seat of UN Ambassador to Pakistan has been taken from Maliha Lodhi and has been given to Munir Akram. Why? No one knows yet.

After Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Imran Khan returned from UN, they removed the current UN Ambassador. The reason why Maliha Lodhi has been removed from her current position is yet unclear to the people of Pakistan.

– A Brief History:

Maliha Lodhi had been serving in the UN since February 6, 2015 till September 30, 2019, when she was removed from the post. Munir Akram, who had served as the Ambassador to UN between 2002 and 2008, was brought back on the post. Apparently, Munir Akram was removed from the post on the orders of President back then, Asif Ali Zardari. Asif Ali Zardari has disagreements on the presentation of Benazir Bhutto’s murder case in the United Nations.

If one takes in ponders upon the knowledge and experience he holds, it would make one wonder of how we, individuals, are unaware of our heroes.Moreover Munir Akram has done his bachelors in Law and has mastered in Political Science, both from Karachi University. After Munir Akram cleared his CSS exam in 1968, he was appointed in Foreign Services the very next year.

He joined Foreign Services in 1969 and has been appointed as Pakistan’s Ambassador to several countries. Since 1995-2002, Munir Akram served as Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to UN’s Geneva Office. This went on and off till 2008, until removed by Ex President, Asif Ali Zardari.

On the other hand, Maliha Lodhi has done extensively for the country. Maliha worked as Pakistan’s High Commissioner to UK from 2003-2008. In 2015, she took the charge as Pakistan’s Ambassador to UN. According to Lodhi “It took my country 67 years to send a woman to the United Nations, it takes a while, but eventually we get there”. To appreciate Maliha’s efforts for the country, she has been awarded several times. In 2002, Maliha got a Hilil-e-Imtiaz award from Pakistan. In 2004, Maliha received an Honorary Fellowship from London School of Economics. Maliha Lodhi received an award of Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters from London’s Metropolitan University. received an award of

– The Response on Maliha’s Removal: 

Maliha responded to the removal in a very professional manner. Maliha tweeted saying,

Maliha further added, tweeting,

Maliha Lodhi was humble enough to accept her removal, and tried her best to reply as much people as she could. Serving well in the UN for such a long period, Maliha has already made her place in the heart of every single Pakistani.

Celebrities from around the country tweeted in respect to Maliha. What Maliha did in the last few years, she has been credited for all of that. This is what Mahira Khan tweeted,

Former Vice Chancellor, LUMS, Mr Adil Najam tweeted,


– What Next?

Pakistan is going through one great crisis, whether it be economically or socially. The issue of Kashmir has been going on for long and people are looking forward to solutions rather than addresses.Some one who has served the country, in UN, for long, knows how to handle things.With such a wide experience in International politics, and even more vast knowledge, Munir Akram might prove to be a vital change for Pakistan.

The people of Pakistan hope that Imran Khan’s decision to remove Maliha is as wise as their’s to chose Imran Khan as PM. Although, Pakistan is growing internally, it has to mend its foreign affairs as soon as possible. And the issue of Kashmir needs to addressed internationally. It is important, before people witness further loss of lives.

Lets all hope for the best, and see, what Mr Munir has to do for Pakistan and how does he represent his country in UN, amid all the tensions in Pakistan. P